Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Xiao Zhang, Guo Dong Gao, Guang Yu Mu

Abstract: The in-phase and out-of-phase thermal fatigue of aluminum alloy were experimentally studied. The fatigue life was evaluated analytically by...

Authors: Yuan Sheng Huang, Li Ming Yuan

Abstract: A short-term load combination forecasting model based on rough set and support vector machine was proposed in this paper, firstly build...

Authors: Jun Ying Tian, Rui Dong Pang

Abstract: Microwave low temperature plasma(LTP)which is a physical processing method is used to modify the physical and chemical properties of...

Authors: Yong Gang Yang, Qiao Zhuo Gao

Abstract: In order to predict and control the ink penetration depth, The base properties of 5 offset paper were firstly measured, namely,...

Authors: Jun Huang, Pu Te Wu, Xi Ning Zhao, Juan Wang

Abstract: Neural network black box model for predicting the slope runoff and sediment yield and two empirical equations for calculating the slope...

Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Yan Yang Liang, Hui Zhang

Abstract: This paper firstly summarizes the morphological characteristics of rice leaf through observation of the rice leaf growth process. And then...

Authors: Peng Peng Wang, Xin Guo Ming, Dong Zhang, Dong Li, Zhen Yong Wu

Abstract: This paper studied service parts inventory control policy of a large equipment manufacturer which is on the transformation to...

Authors: Han Gao, Gui Fang Xu, Yuan Yuan Fan, Hai Juan Nan, Su Fang Fu

Abstract: The fermentation process of pear vinegar was optimized to maximize the amount of acetate in this study. A central composite design of...

Authors: Sen Xu, Tian Zhou, Hua Long Yu

Abstract: Clustering combination has recently become a hotspot in machine learning, while its critical problem lies on how to combine multiple...

Authors: Guang Yu Mu, Li Li, Wen Xiao Zhang, Guo Dong Gao

Abstract: This paper addresses on quality improvement of expanded food. The five stages of six sigma implementation process are applied to define the...


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