Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Quan Long Guan, Guo Xiang Yao, Kai Bin Ni, Mei Xiu Zhou

Abstract: With the rapid growth of e-commerce, various types of complex applications appear in web environments. web-based system testing is different...

Authors: Liang Jing Li, Guo Qing Zhang

Abstract: In order to reduce the working power of tillage implement, made a combination of the down-cut rotary tillage and the up-cut rotary tillage...

Authors: Pan Fu, Wei Lin Li, Wei Qing Cao

Abstract: As one of the most common parts of various rolling mechanical equipments, rolling element bearing is vulnerable. Therefore, great attentions...

Authors: Zhan Dong Yu, Xian Feng Wang

Abstract: The swing-up control strategy via BVP arithmetic is presented for rotational inverted pendulum. The swing-up control programming from...

Authors: Yu Ting Ma, Liang Huang, Wei Wei Shao

Abstract: The piezoelectric material is subject to hysteresis and creep resulting in a nonlinear relationship between the applied voltage and the...

Authors: Hong Mei Shi, Jia Liang Zhou

Abstract: Track irregularity is the most important excitation source of wheel-rail system. The vibration characteristics of vehicle components and...

Authors: Yu Feng Zhang, Sheng Yuan Jiang, Xue Wen Zhang

Abstract: A pipeline robot is brought forward using the energy of fluid medium transmitting within the pipeline to perform the driving and timing. The...

Authors: Ai Hua Liao

Abstract: The impeller mounted onto the compressor shaft assembly via interference fit is one of the key components of a centrifugal compressor stage....

Authors: Jia Wen Hu, Xi Qiu Fan

Abstract: IC- (Integrated circuits) sorting machine is a kind of special equipment used for testing, classifying and grading IC chips, which is of...

Authors: Yu Zhou Sun, Jin Yan Wang, Bin Gao, Li Wu Chang

Abstract: This paper presents a multiscale method to estimate the elastic property of the 13_3 microtubule. A microtubule is viewed as being formed by...


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