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Authors: Zhen Ya Wang, Xiao Yan Cong, Yan Dong Wang
Abstract: This paper applied Fuzzy set theory to the comfort evaluation of construction machinery cab. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, evaluation indexes set and comment set are built up. A relatively objective conclusion to an excavator cab’s comfort is obtained by calculation. This study puts forward a strict accurate handling ways to solve fuzzy phenomena in subjective evaluation of construction machinery cab’s comfort.
Authors: Xiao Dan Miao, Xu Han Dai, Pei Hong Wang, Gui Fu Ding, Xiao Lin Zhao
Abstract: This paper reports the fabrication and characterization of a new bi-stable electromagnetic microrelay based on surface micromachining technology. It mainly consists of an integrated coil, a SU-8 spacer, a nickel planar spring in combination with permanent magnet, and electrical contacts. With current, the spring is attracted or pulled up to close or open the external circuit. Without current, permanent magnet keeps the spring at bottom which reduced the power consumption. The bi-stability of electromagnet microrelay is realized by the balance between magnetic force and the elastic force of the spring. The detailed fabrication process is given. Testing results shows that this new bi-stable electromagnetic microrelay can work at 5V voltage pulse with large deflection at 350μm and switching time is fast at 4.96due to special design.
Authors: Qi Hua Wen
Abstract: By deducing the spherical elastic wave equation in theory, the concept of sphere-radial phononic crystal is proposed, and then the equations to determine the acoustic band structures is deduced. A numerical example is given for steel/nitrile rubber phononic crystal. The numerical simulation results suggest that the band gaps of sphere-radial phononic crystals do exist, which have better attenuation characteristics and practical application performance than the one-dimensional phononic crystals.
Authors: Tian Shun Zhang, Yin Song Zhang
Abstract: Tool management based on Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is important in settling the problems brought about by the machining of many kinds of productions in small scale. Through the research about tool management based on FMS, the flowing conclusions were concluded. The device configuration of tool management system based on FMS was provided, and the realization of tool coding was completed by use of flexible coding method. The information flow of tool and the function modules of the tool management system were investigated. The Tool management system was developed, the main functions were realized and some soft interface of tool management system was presented. Tool management system provides an efficient path to make system more flexible and improve the efficiency and quality of manufacturer.
Authors: Xi Xin Rao, Kang He, He Sheng Liu
Abstract: Camera Device is crucial components of Automobile punching parts on-line detector and Its dynamic characteristics has a critical influence on the accuracy of Automobile punching parts on-line detector. To reduce the relative acceleration of Camera Device to the measured part, biaxial body of Automobile Punching Parts On-line Detector was optimized. On the basis of analyzing mechanism, simplifying the prototype, determining the design variables and the objective function and the constraint condition, this paper puts forward the parameter optimization mathematic model with the minimum of the acceleration of Camera Device relative to the point on the measured work piece as objective function and completes mechanism simulation and optimization by the ADAMS software. The results show that some design parameters gets more reasonable and dynamic performance of Automobile punching parts on-line detector is better.
Authors: Hai Feng Fang, Shi Rong Ge, Ming Song
Abstract: In order to improve the heat-insulating capability of the refuge chamber’s shell and reduce energy consumption of the cooling system, the horizontal cylindrical mobile refuge chamber for coal mine was taken as the research object. By selecting two connection types between the inner shell and the outer shell for calculation, which were direct connection type and indirect connection type, and comparing these with the connectionless heat transfer, the heat transfer process in the refuge chamber subjected to thermal loadings of constant temperature was respectively discussed with numerical analysis method. Effect of heat bridges to heat transfer of the refuge chamber’s shell was analyzed. The analysis results showed that the average heat flux through direct connection heat bridge and indirect connection heat bridge had respectively increased by 668% and 30% than that of the connectionless heat transfer. The influencing scope of the former was larger than the latter’s. And more heat entered the refuge chamber through the direct connection heat bridge. Therefore, the indirect connection type should be used in the design of the refuge chamber’s shell.
Authors: Yu Xia Zhao, Jie Jian Di, De Wen Gao
Abstract: An impeller is the core of aviation engine components, the processing quality have a decisive impact on the performance of the engine. An impeller is one of most important basic components of centrifugal compressor. However, it is very difficult to machine and model because of the twisted blades. For such geometric complexity, it is the general practice to adopt five-axis machining. Based on the actual engineering data, pro/Engineer software is applied to produce three-dimensional geometric model of the integrated impeller, some general principles followed by machining and modeling the impeller are brought forward. Furthermore, analysis and research were made for tool path of the integrated impeller machining. NC program is exported successfully to DEMAGE five-axis machine from PowerMill software where machining verification as a centrifugal impeller example was carried on. The results of verification show that the machining methodology and procedure adopted are successful.
Authors: Peng Zhang, Xing Yu Guo, Shao Fu Shan, Chen Ge Wu
Abstract: It is difficult to remove for burr, especially for micro-hole burr, so the vibration grinding process is put forward and adopted to remove burrs. The mechanism of vibration grinding deburring is analyzed, and the experiments of micro-hole deburring are done with the technology of vibration grinding. From the results of the experiments, the conclusion can be draw that this technology can remove the burrs effectively. The vibration grinding process has the features of simple process system, low cost, easy operating. The Vibration grinding process technology method can also be used to remove burrs of other machining process. It has more application value in practice.
Authors: Ming Shan Yang, Jian Wei Liu, Lin Kai Li
Abstract: Silicon-containing epoxy resin (CNE-Si) was synthesized from diphenylsilandiol (DPSD) and ortho-cresol novolac epoxy resin using SnCl2 as catalyst. The chemical structure of CNE-Si prepared in this paper was characterized by 1H-NMR and FTIR. The thermal stability was analyzed by TGA. The result showed that the –Si- group enhanced the thermal stability of the epoxy resin. The curing kinetics of the system was studied by non-isothermal DSC. The kinetic parameters of the curing reaction including the activation energy were calculated using Kissinger and Ozawa method. The results showed that the system containing CNE-Si has lower curing temperature and more quick curing speed compared to CNE, which can be used for manufacturing the quick-curing EMCs or afterward-curing-free EMCs.
Authors: Yin Qi Feng, Jia Jia, Yao Qin Liu, Jun Jun Hao, Kun Wang
Abstract: A color imaging method based on WFOCT technology is proposed, and a corresponding system is established. Using the system, monochromatic images and natural color images of samples are obtained experimentally. The mechanism of color imaging is investigated and discussed. It is shown that some distortion of color images may be caused by chromatic aberration and different wavelength responses of the system.

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