Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Kao Liu, Ying Xiang Liu, Wei Shan Chen, Sheng Jun Shi

Abstract: In this study, a linear ultrasonic motor using longitudinal and bending hybrid transducer is proposed, which contains two exponential shape...

Authors: Wei Wang, De Quan Liu, Jian Liu

Abstract: Based on the fairness and benefits of the opportunity to accept higher education, tuition should be paid. The average cost of higher...

Authors: Chin Chun Chen, Yuan Horng Lin, Jeng Ming Yih, Shu Yi Juan

Abstract: Euclidean distance function based fuzzy clustering algorithms can only be used to detect spherical structural clusters. The purpose of this...

Authors: Xiao Mei Feng, Xiu Bing Duan, Da Wei Zhang, Wen Kai Liu, Ai Li Sun

Abstract: In order to improve the precision and efficiency of IC packaging for wafer wire bonding equipment, a new 2-DOF positioning table of high...

Authors: Fan Xiu Lu, Yong Ping Lv, Li Fu Hei, Wei Zhong Tang, Jian Hua Song

Abstract: Diamond film coated hard metal cutting tools are indispensible for high efficiency machining of materials which are difficult to cut by...

Authors: Yun Qing Rao, Meng Chang Wang, Kun Peng Wang

Abstract: This paper focus on single vehicle scheduling problem minimizing the line-side inventory of mixed-model assembly lines, considering the...

Authors: Suo Kui Tan, Xiao Ping Song, Qiao Li, Hong Yan Guo, Song Ji, Hong Zhao

Abstract: By means of mechanical properties test, the relationship among particle size,electric field,magnetic field ,electromagnetic field and shear...

Authors: Rui Min Jin, Ding Zhen Li, Yan Tao, Xiang Ju Han

Abstract: Based on TEOS system and sol-gel process together with catalysts and organic polymer, the microstructure of SiO2 film is...

Authors: Wu Zhao, Hao Ran Liu, Guo Ji Wang, Ling Bing Liu

Abstract: This paper investigates the accuracy evaluative factors of 5-axis turbo molecular pump rotor machining center.Using rigid body kinematics...

Authors: Xiao Fang Fu

Abstract: Since its establishment, Henan Institute of Engineering (HNIE) has not systemically given integral image designing. With the advent of the...


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