Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Chen, Li Guo Chen, Ming Qiang Pan, Li Ning Sun

Abstract: Nano-positioning technology has been widely used in many fields, such as microelectronics, optical engineering, and micro-technology...

Authors: Ming Hu, Miao Miao Zhang, Wen Hua Chen, Yong Ping Jin, Guo Ming Xu, Ping Qian, Jun Pan

Abstract: Based on the non-linear equivalent spring-damper model in the "two-state model", Impact model with hinge clearance for deployable mechanism...

Authors: Fang Song, Shuang Hui Hao, Ming Hui Hao

Abstract: During trajectory planning, position, velocity and acceleration should satisfy the boundary condition simultaneously, if the interpolation...

Authors: Shu Yuan Jiang

Abstract: The ordinary silk was puffed, the morphological structure of puffed silk was changed by testing, long diameter was shorter, short diameter...

Authors: Yun Bo Shi, Xing Juan Zhao, Jun Tang, Jun Liu, Rui Rong Wang

Abstract: By researching and investigating the structure of capacitive gyroscopes, A novel capacitive micromachined gyroscope is proposed and the...

Authors: E Nuo Song, Na Li, Guo Xin Wang

Abstract: A Generalized Hammerstein Model with Impulse Response for symmetric nonlinear systems was presented in this paper. A hyper-quadratic object...

Authors: Xian Chun Zou, Yan Ma, Ning Song

Abstract: This paper analyzes grid resources organization, elaborates on the fundamental principles of the Ant Colony Algorithm, and proposes a grid...

Authors: Wen Xue Qian, Xiao Wei Yin, Li Yang Xie

Abstract: High temperature box is wildly used in many fields. Alone with the increasing of the requirement temperature, the temperature of it becomes...

Authors: Yu Mei Li

Abstract: This paper presents the characteristic equation of out-of-plane instability when a bending beam, which is composed of two beams, is under...

Authors: Xin Cheng Tian, Xiao Hong Deng

Abstract: Curve fitting, or interpolation algorithm is core technology for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems. A saddle-shaped curve is formed...


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