Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mi Mi Tian

Abstract: China is still in the preliminary stage of applying the constructed wetland technology to the designing of urban landscape. This paper...

Authors: Mao Qing Fang

Abstract: The "low-carbon" concept has won support from many countries once it was raised. Based on the study of the low-carbon urban communities,...

Authors: Cong Gan Ma, Shu Guang Zuo, Rong He, Lv Chang He

Abstract: In this paper, Radial Electromagnetic Force Wave, which causes the magnetic noise of the permanent magnet synchronous motor used in the...

Authors: Hui Hu, Peng Guo, Cheng Liu

Abstract: An adaptive neural network control scheme is presented for a class of SISO affine nonlinear systems. Parameters in neural networks are...

Authors: Xiao Qin Zhong, Gang Shi, Shao Kuan Chai, Ting Hu

Abstract: According to the requirement of car seat performances, an automatic inspection system of car seat performances based on virtual instruments...

Authors: Li Wang, Lu Wei, Yong Zhong Zhang, Zheng Xi Li

Abstract: Hub nodes of urban traffic complex network are very important for region traffic signal control. Traditionally, region traffic signal...

Authors: Ming Li, Xue Ling Ji

Abstract: The loss of the population diversity leads to the premature convergence in existing particle swarm optimization(PSO) algorithm. In order to...

Authors: Tao Guo, Ping Li, Yan Xu, Yun Bo Shi, Jun Liu

Abstract: A practical packaging structure was designed based on the designed MEMS high-g acceleration sensor, and encapsulation performance was...

Authors: Xiao Hong Lu, Zhen Yuan Jia, Xiu Yan Zheng, Xiao Yan Yu

Abstract: The realization of the handwheel function is a key problem for development of numerical control system of micro milling machine. This paper...

Authors: Ling Xiang, Hao Sun

Abstract: The signal analysis is important in extracting fault characteristics in fault diagnosis of machinery. To deal with non-stationary signal,...


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