Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials

Volumes 211-212

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Yi Wang, Lian Qing Ji, Jun Ma, Nan Qiao Zhou, Chul B. Park

Abstract: The effect of PDMS on foamability of R-PP was investigated using a single screw extrusion foaming system, with supercritical carbon dioxide...

Authors: Rong Xin Guo, Hai Ting Xia, Bang Cheng Yang, Le Hui Huang, Feng Yan

Abstract: In this paper, based on the finite element analysis platform ANSYS, the stress field of particle reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMC)...

Authors: Kai Tao, Gui Fu Ding, Zhuo Qing Yang, Yan Wang, Pei Hong Wang

Abstract: A micromachining technique has been developed for the fabrication of microscale polymer-bonded magnet. Two types of lithographically defined...

Authors: Wan Zhen Shao, Guo Qi Wu, Li Wang

Abstract: This paper main introduces design thought and method of a New structure of variable speed fluid couplings and innovation of design and...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Jia Liu, Can Feng Wang, Fa Rong Huang, Lei Du

Abstract: A silicon-containing arylacetylene resin, poly[(dimethylsilyl)eneethynylene phenyleneethynylene] with methoxy silyl terminal group...

Authors: Ming Song, Shi Rong Ge, Hai Feng Fang

Abstract: In order to research the problem of rescue chamber colliding with the tunnel wall. The theoretical model of rescue chamber has been formed,...

Authors: Yan Xin Wang, Chun Feng Zhao

Abstract: We designed a twin flying winding machine control system based on PLC to improve its performance. The system uses PLC to receive control...

Authors: Xiao Yan Shen

Abstract: Cure-induced strain is produced inevitably during the fabrication of the composite. To measure the strain, undamaged methods such as using...

Authors: Hong Mei Fan, Shang Bin Wang, Yu Sun

Abstract: An intelligent control system of pressure forming equipment for stator and rotor is presented. The architecture of the high-speed stamping...

Authors: Yuan Shen, Dong Cai Liu, Ya Lin Shen, Chan Gan Zhu

Abstract: This paper, which studied the structure of CAD/ CAE system, has proposed a universal CAD / CAE integration framework. This system, with good...


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