Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Feng Liu, Jia Hui Peng, Chen Yang Zou, Leng Bai, Mei Li

Abstract: This paper studies the laws of crystal growth, percent conversion and the rate of reaction of α-calcium sulfate hemihydrate from FGD gypsum...

Authors: Ke Liang Li, Zhong Zheng Yang, Guo Hong Huang, Xiu Sheng Tang

Abstract: To protect circumstance and improve of structure durability of Cao’e River floodgate, high volume industrial residue concrete (HVIRC) was...

Authors: Xiu Hua Guo, Zhu Li, Guo Qiang Zhu

Abstract: Insulation grout of glazed hollow beads is injected into the support structure of high temperature gallery. By this way, thermal insulation...

Authors: Zhen Xian Xing, Yi Xing

Abstract: This paper suggests that deposition paste area is one of those leading control indicators of mix proportion design for the macroporous...

Authors: Jin Bang Wang, Zong Hui Zhou, Dong Yu Xu

Abstract: Combining with the utilization of waste, an new idea of using the waste to prepare high-strength artificial aggregates was put forward in...

Authors: Yu Feng Li, Xi Luo, Lei Wang

Abstract: Conductive fine flake expanded graphite/polyaniline composites was prepared by emulsion polymerization with sodium dodecyl benzene...

Authors: Wen Bin Xu, Yu Hu, Teng Fei Liu, Xiang Li

Abstract: Due to the recycling of construction waste, recycled concrete has gradually become a viable material in the construction industry. To study...

Authors: En Li Lu, Guo Li, Ying Shu Yuan, Ou Geng, Jian Min Du

Abstract: Studies about the resistance of carbonation capability of fly-ash (FA) concrete at different initial curing regimes and exposure time...

Authors: Jian Rong Sheng, Tian Jiao Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyses the membrane structure’s building material, structural style and its deformability, through which we pointed out that...

Authors: Hai Jin Zhao, Qi Jun Yu, Jiang Xiong Wei, Jian Xin Li

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to investigate effect on hydration activity of steel slag by modifying its mineralogical composition and structure...


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