Advanced Materials and Processing

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Ying Liu, Ze Kun Yao, Xi Luo, Li Kun Cao

Abstract: The superplastic properties of Ti3Al base alloy have been investigated in the range of 900~1020°C and strain rate range of...

Authors: Xiao Wu Nie, Shi Qiang Lu, Ke Lu Wang

Abstract: In this study, Nb-Cr binary mixtures were prepared by mechanical alloying. And mechanical alloying process of mixed Nb-Cr(1:2) powders was...

Authors: Masafumi Tsunekane, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Kouichi Maruyama

Abstract: In this study, the distribution of colloidal nano-gold particles on the nanoporous surfaces of FeAl single crystals was investigated....

Authors: Tae Kwon Ha, Jae Young Jung

Abstract: Ti-45.5Al-2Cr-4Nb-0.4B alloy was cast by vacuum arc melting at high purity Ar atmosphere using high purity sponge Ti, granular Al (99.99%),...

Authors: Yudi Rahmawan, Eung Ryul Baek, T.H. Kim

Abstract: The characteristics of Al-coating materials on low carbon steel sheets during high temperature oxidation process were investigated. The...

Authors: S. Harada, Katsushi Tanaka, Kyosuke Kishida, Haruyuki Inui

Abstract: Effect of the ternary element of Mo on the crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of ReSi1.75 has been investigated. The crystal...

Authors: J.E. Park, Y.J. Yang, Young Won Chang

Abstract: Hot rolled Mg alloy has a preferred orientation, which affects the deformation behavior of Mg alloy. In this work, load relaxation and...

Authors: Kinichi Masuda-Jindo, Vu Van Hung, P.E.A. Turchi

Abstract: The thermodynamic properties of high temperature metals and alloys are studied using the statistical moment method, going beyond the...

Authors: Moon Young Kim, Sung Ho Yang, Kuk Hyun Song

Abstract: This work was studied for the changes of thermal properties on GTD-111 DS (Directional Solidification) gas turbine blade. In this study,...

Authors: Toru Inoue, Katsushi Tanaka, Hiroki Adachi, Kyosuke Kishida, Haruyuki Inui

Abstract: The crystallographic orientation distribution, and its change as a function of creep deformation in Ni-based single crystal superalloys...


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