Advanced Materials and Processing

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Hua Chen, Yong Qi Cheng, Wei Jun Xia, Hong Ge Yan, Ding Chen

Abstract: In order to improve the formability of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet at room temperature, a new process, so-called equal channel angular...

Authors: J.S. Park, Young Won Chang

Abstract: In order to clarify the effect of alloying elements on the axial ratio of magnesium binary solid solutions, the solid solutions of Mg-Al,...

Authors: Kwan Do Hur, Hyo Young Lee, Hong Tae Yeo

Abstract: Aluminium alloys have been widely used in the structure of aircraft and passenger car because of its lightweight. It is also interested in...

Authors: Yan Long Ma, Fu Sheng Pan, Ming Bo Yang

Abstract: The effects of different solid solution and aging technologies on the microstructure of AM50 were studied. The results indicated that...

Authors: Yuji Kume, Makoto Kobashi, Naoyuki Kanetake

Abstract: Compressive torsion combined loading that uses relatively low compressive pressure has a great advantage of microstructure refinement of...

Authors: Chang Yeol Jeong, Chang Seog Kang, Jae Ik Cho

Abstract: A quantitative study of the interactions between microstructural features such as secondary dendrite arm spacing (DAS), eutectic structure...

Authors: Xiao Dong Peng, Hua Nie, Wei Dong Xie, Fu Sheng Pan

Abstract: The addition of strontium to Mg-Al based alloys offers good creep resistance to meet the material requirements for automotive applications....

Authors: Nian Chun Liu, Wei Dong Xie, Xiao Dong Peng, Qun Yi Wei, Hai Dong Li

Abstract: Suspended on Mg-base melt, SrCl2 was electrochemical reduced to prepare Mg-Sr alloy. The kinds of Sr-compounds, composition ratio of flux,...

Authors: Katsunari Horiba, Junji Tsukiyama, Kenji Matsuda, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: Heat-treatable 6000-series alloys are currently used by automotive body sheets. It is general to improve mechanical properties of the...

Authors: Junji Tsukiyama, Kenji Matsuda, Yasuhiro Uetani, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: It is very popular to improve mechanical properties of Al-Mg-Si alloys by adding other element. For example, it is well known that addition...


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