Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies II

Volumes 264-265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E. Bayraktar, F. Ayari, D. Katundi, J.P. Chevalier, Frédéric Bonnet

Abstract: This paper reports the production and weldability and toughness evaluation of TiB2 (ceramic particles) reinforced steel matrix composites....

Authors: F. Ayari, E. Bayraktar, J.P. Chevalier

Abstract: The recently developed indentation techniques are awfully advantageous as they are performing in determination of hardness and local...

Authors: F. Ayari, Ali Zghal, E. Bayraktar

Abstract: In many industrial conditions, light thin titanium shells are well used under various severe loading conditions. It is of interest to know...

Authors: Hong Fei Sun, Wa Fang, Zhen Xing Yu, Wen Bin Fang

Abstract: Nanocrystallite Mg-3Al-Zn alloy was synthesized by ball milling of elemental powders of Mg, Al and Zn under hydrogen atmosphere. The powders...

Authors: Saeed Farahany, M. Aghaie-Khafri, Ali Ourdjini, Mohd Hasbullah Idris

Abstract: Impact of heat treatment on hot isostatically pressed (HIP) Ni-base superalloy has been investigated before and after conducting HIP...

Authors: Ammar A. Mustafa, Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb, Ahmad Faris Ismail

Abstract: Experimental glass ionomer cement was prepared for the purpose of this study. Twenty disk specimens (16mm diameter x 10mm height) of...

Authors: P. Firoozian, H.P.S. Abdul Khalil, Md Akil Hazizan, Ahmad Md. Noor

Abstract: This paper reports the investigation on the flexural properties of activated carbon filled epoxy composites. The Comparison of the...

Authors: Abbasi A. Gandhi, I.Z. Rahman, M.V.K. Mousavi, M.A. Rahman

Abstract: This paper reports on the effect of Sm doping concentration on structural and static magnetic properties of electrodeposited NiFe thin...

Authors: I.Z. Rahman, T.T. Ahmed

Abstract: In this paper, we report on structural and magnetic properties of NiZn ferrite powders prepared by chemical co-precipitation method and...

Authors: M.M. Alam, M. Harun, Momtazul Islam

Abstract: Silver nanoparticles protected by Tetradecyltrimethyl Ammonium Bromide (TTAB) were prepared in a one-phase electrochemical system....


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