Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Chemistry, Bioinformatics

Volumes 282-283

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Yang Jiang, Wei Wei Ye, Xiao Jiao Chen

Abstract: Based on entrepreneurial business growth Timmons (2004) and entrepreneurship education research results, focused on initial stage of...

Authors: Wei Wei Ye, Bing Bing Zeng, Xiao Jiao Chen

Abstract: Based on the concept of dynamic capabilities(Teece,1997), the paper used three dimensions to interpret the dynamic capabilities for...

Authors: Yi Hua Qian, Qi Tian Bao, Shun An Cao, Rui Liu

Abstract: Failure in transformers could be caused by the corrosive sulfur in their oil. Preliminary studies on the test of corrosive sulfur in...

Authors: Qiang Li, Bin Li, Xiao Ming Yang

Abstract: Many scholars have too much ignored the studies on the hand spinning wheel in ancient China, they drew some wrong conclusions based...

Authors: Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Results of an experimental and theoretical analysis of the proprerties of a LD pumped laser using a plano-concave stable resonator and KTP...

Authors: Fan Lei Meng

Abstract: This paper describes the history and development of botanical pesticides, analyze the active ingredients of plant pesticide and the...

Authors: Hong Fang Ji, Ling Wen Zhang, Fang Yuan Cheng, Ling Yu Wang, Hui Hui Jin, Rui Qing Song

Abstract: The influences of extract from Lactarius vellereus fermentation liquid on antioxidant enzymes activity of Alternaria...

Authors: Kai Ju Zhang, B. Wan

Abstract: In this work, the one dimensional simulation program called analysis of microelectronic and photonic structures (AMPS-1D) is used to study...

Authors: Kai Ju Zhang, X.F. Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a theoretical calculation of the miscibility gap taking modified interaction parameter and mismatch strain into account are...

Authors: Xing Jiang, Fu An Wu, Shui Qin Fang, Yan Dong Zhang, Jun Wang, Tao Wu

Abstract: To identify the pathogen of Mulberry wilt disease, a tested strain WJ-1 was isolated from a naturally infected mulberry in Guangzhou,...


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