Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Chemistry, Bioinformatics

Volumes 282-283

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Zhang, Chun Lei Sun, Qing’en Li

Abstract: The relevant introduction development of the micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) is carried out in this paper. The pressure sensor is an...

Authors: Shi Wei Liu, Jing Kun Yu, Fei Xiong Mao

Abstract: Torpedo-ladle was widely used in hot metal transportation. As its insulation properties had deep influence on the quality of iron and steel...

Authors: Xin De Wang, Jing Liang Zhang, Zheng Tao Jiang

Abstract: A new partially blind signature scheme is proposed based on Schnorr blind signature scheme. Compared with the previous schemes, the proposed...

Authors: Hua Zhong, Bao Ping Sun, Fang Ying Zhao

Abstract: The amino acid sequence of Cation Diffusion Facilitator from Populus trichocarpa, Thlaspi goesingense, Arabidopsis lyrata subsp....

Authors: Wen Lan Li, Jing Xin Ding, Jing Bai, Li Lli Nan, Yang Yang, Yu Bin Ji

Abstract: To investigate the absorption of ginsenosides Rg1 and Rb1 in Bazhen Decoction at different intestine...

Authors: Jie Wu Cui, Yu Cheng Wu, Yan Wang, Hong Mei Zheng, Guang Qing Xu, Xin Yi Zhang

Abstract: Anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) templates were fabricated via a two-step anodization method. On the basis of getting the optimum preparation...

Authors: Yu Juan Jin, Yun Jun Luo, Guo Zhi Xu, Biao Yang

Abstract: CdS(Cadmium sulfide)/PAMAM(polyamidoamine) Nanocomposites were in-situ prepared taking PAMAM dendrimers as stabilization in water. The...

Authors: Wei Jin Jiang, Luo Zhong, Jie Ji, Yan Hui Wu

Abstract: On the basis of dynamic trust theory, the paper proposes a staggered theoretic model which describes dynamic collaboration trust in supply...

Authors: Wei Jin Jiang, Luo Zhong, Qing Feng Li, Xiao Qing Deng

Abstract: In order to study the law of emergence and its internal attributable causes according to the resources owned by agents that interacts with...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Li, Jing Kun Yu

Abstract: Nucleating mechanism and controlling methods of Al2O3-TiO2 inclusion formed during steel cooling process is...


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