Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Chemistry, Bioinformatics

Volumes 282-283

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Nan Zhang, Jin Jing Tao, Yang An Zhang

Abstract: We demonstrate a universal DSP application for adaptive polarization mode compensation (PMD) compensation utilizing GTPSO algorithm in...

Authors: Teng Gao, Jun Zhao, Bin Yang, Fu Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a direct steam generation (DSG) collector is researched. To determinate the DSG collector efficiency, a simplified heat loss...

Authors: Jing Juan Li, Li Wang

Abstract: The works are focused on finding out proper shape of reversed domains to obtain effective harmonic generations with high conversion...

Authors: Xiao Feng Gong, Da Min Zhang

Abstract: This paper aims to set up the Web Server which can handle Flash streaming client, static HTTP requests, dynamic JSP requests and interact...

Authors: Jun Jie Gu, Zhi Yang, Yan Ling Ren

Abstract: The accuracy of the variables variation scope in fitness function of the multi-objective optimization have an important influence to...

Authors: Shi Hui Qiu, Qi Wang

Abstract: Facing the growing energy needs, ocean marginal fields more and more attention. But the supply is one of the constraints of ocean marginal...

Authors: Lin Xu, Wei Nan Bai, Jing Yu Ru, Qiang Li, Jia Ming Li

Abstract: This project is intended to design one kind of automatically reciprocating pedal-powered electricity generator (ARPPEG) in conjunction with...

Authors: Lin Xu, Jing Yu Ru, Xi Jian Zhang, Ya Qiang Chen, Xi Qing Mu

Abstract: One kind of multi-energy off-grid hybrid power system is designed. The system combines highly efficient solar photovoltaic power generation...

Authors: Yue Fen Wang, Qu Chen

Abstract: This represented in Heilongjiang province is in the transition of the forestry ecological construction, hope to push on through the forest...

Authors: Jin Cherng Lin, Chu Ting Chang

Abstract: For software developers, accurately forecasting software effort is very important. In the field of software engineering, it is also a very...


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