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Authors: Peng Wang, Li Bo Fan, Le Xian Shi, Bo Fang
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:Temperature dependent photoluminescence of ZnO nanorods synthesized by hydrothermal method is studied. According to fifteen photoluminescent...
Authors: Li Yan Yu, Li Na Sui, Hong Zhou Dong, Li Feng Dong
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:Carbon nanofibers with various morphologies were synthesized by the catalytic pyrolysis of acetylene using nickel catalyst nanoparticles at...
Authors: Li Li Wu, Ling Zi Zeng, Hai Bo Chen, Chao Can Zhang
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:A series of PAM/silica nanocomposite (NC) gels using silica sol as the inorganic component were prepared by in situ free-radical...
Authors: Yun Shan Bai, Lu De Lu, Jian Chun Bao
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:Nanocrystalline Fe3+-doped La2Zr2O7 series solid solutions were prepared by a convenient...
Authors: Zhi Min Yuan, Jie Yang, Yu Lan Zhang, Rui Li Zhang, Ning Liu, Yong Qiang Cao, Ai Yu Zhang, Yuan Na Zhu, Ping Yang
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:An environmentally friendly synthesis was developed to fabricate aqueous CdTe quantum dots (QDs) using thilglycolic acid (TGA) as a capping...
Authors: Tao Zeng, Hao Xie, Xiao Tao Sui, Xiu Jian Zhao
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the fabrication and characterization of free-standing titanium dioxide nanorods array film with pure anatase-phase are...
Authors: Miao Shui, Jie Shu, Yuan Long Ren, Rui Feng Zhang
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:This article proposed a liquid phase method to synthesize the small, even sized nano lead sulfide sol in high power (2KW) pulse ultrasonic...
Authors: Ning Qi Luo, Zhan Yun Huang, Ping Luo, Yuan Zhi Shao, Di Hu Chen
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:We first synthesized gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3) by a modified “polyol” strategy and then embedded it into mesoporous silica by a simple...
Authors: Jing Fa Li, Yan Yan, Yi Tai Qian
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:In this paper, crystallinic FeB nanoflowers were successfully prepared at 500°C for 8h with FeCl3 and NaBH4 as the...
Authors: Hang Yu, Lei Tao
Chapter 9: Nano Materials
Abstract:A novel method with two steps for preparing high efficiency fluorescence nanocrystals (NCs)-encoded microspheres was developed. First, a...
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