Emerging Focus on Advanced Materials

Volumes 306-307

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.306-307

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Authors: Zhi Dong Lin, Wen Long Song, Han Min Yang, Ju Cheng Zheng

Abstract: Nano crystalline SnO2 was prepared by sol-gel with PEG surfactant. CuO was doped in the SnO2 by mechanical mixture and...

Authors: Tian Lu Zhang, Zong Yi Qin

Abstract: Conducting core–shell latex nanoparticles were synthesized by coating near–monodisperse, nanometer sized water–based polyurethane (PU) latex...

Authors: Chao Song, Rui Huang, Xiang Wang, Jie Song, Yan Qing Guo

Abstract: The nc-Ge/a-Si multilayer structures were fabricated by ion beam sputtering technique on silicon substrates at temperature of 400 °C. Raman...

Authors: Xiao Lin Sun, Ai Min Li, Wei Fang Dong, Kang Ning Sun, Ming Du, Wei Li Wang

Abstract: Oxide membranes are one kind of porous materials with many nano-sized pores. In our work, the two-step anodization method was used to...

Authors: Lian Min Ji, Li Juan Li, Zhi Qi Liu, Bo Zhang, Feng Nie, Zhong Min Zeng, Fu Gen Song, Yan Hui Zhang, Xu Hong Jia

Abstract: The process of preparing magnesium hydroxide flame retardants with particular morphologies after hydrothermal treatment in the presence of...

Authors: Qian Guan, Chun Dong Zhu, Tai Liang Dai

Abstract: Considerable interest has recently been developed in processing bulk materials through the application of severe plastic deformation (SPD)....

Authors: Jun Wang, Yong Zhong Jia, Ying Yao, Jin He Sun, Jun Ma, Xiao Jie Yin, Qing Luo, Yan Jing

Abstract: The phase equilibrium of the LiCl-MgCl2-Na2­SiO3-H2O (LMNH) quaternary system at 150°C was...

Authors: Shu Shan Yao

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes, carbon spheres and slices of vertically aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were synthesized simultaneously by...

Authors: Ying Lu, Chang Lu Shao, Peng Zhang, Ming Yi Zhang, Zhen Yi Zhang, Xin Zhang, Mao Ying Li, Wei Wei Sun

Abstract: A simple and novel method to synthesize metallic ion doped titania was investigated. In this work, undoped titania, stannum/titania,...

Authors: Meng Zhang, Fu Wei Wan, Shen Guang Ge, Jing Hua Yu

Abstract: We report the synthesis and characterization of a low-cost high-quality CdS quantum dots (QDs).The synthesis was performed in aqueous...


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