Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tong Zhuo Li, Peng Fei Bi, Nan Jiang

Abstract: It is the first time to study the consistent difference scheme of pressure equation and Neumann boundary conditions on two-dimensional...

Authors: You Jie Ma, Jin Hua Liu, Xue Song Zhou, Ji Li

Abstract: As a new dynamic reactive compensation devices, static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) has better reactive power compensation effect such...

Authors: Yong Ping Yu, Lin Zang, You Hong Sun

Abstract: This paper presents analytical approximate solutions for the initial post-buckling deformation of the sandwich beams including transverse...

Authors: Chang Wei Luo, Qiang Ye, Su Nan Zhang

Abstract: In this paper,a novel two-port bandstop filter based on coaxial cavity is proposed,which is different to the conventional bandstop filters...

Authors: Chao Jing

Abstract: Increasing number of network applications require authentication of the user's identity which is the first step to ensure security. This...

Authors: Ya Zhen Wang, Chuan Feng Yang, Jie Chen

Abstract: According to the various multidentate heteroatomic ligands(based oxygen,nitrogen, phosphorus,mixed N and P,mixed N and S donors,...

Authors: Chuan Liu

Abstract: The design and implementation of DRO with isolated structure are presented. The simulation result and measured result show that the DRO with...

Authors: Zhi Jie Ye, Tian Sheng Hong, Tao Wen, Zhen Li

Abstract: In order to fulfill the need of minimizing sensor cost and characterizing sensor agricultural application for the promising wireless sensor...

Authors: Hao Chen, De An Zhao, Nian Fa Yang, Bo Chen

Abstract: Ultrahigh pressure water-jet machine tool with multi-cutter can boost efficiency when dealing with large and complex planar workpieces. This...

Authors: Pu Hua Tang, Yu Yong Lei

Abstract: Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor is a multivariable nonlinear system with over-coupling and very sensible to outer disturbance and inner...


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