Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ren Jiang Li, Xin Wang

Abstract: This paper based on a kind of hybrid machine tool. The structure of hardware and the application of PMAC in the control system of the...

Authors: Hong Sheng Zhou Yang, Jian Gang Li, Ze Xiang Li

Abstract: This paper deals with the kinematics analysis of non-orthogonal 5-axis machine tools. A systematic kinematics model for all the...

Authors: Tan Cheng Xie, Jian Guo Zhang, Hong Min Xin, Yan Wei Xu, Xiang Nan

Abstract: This document analyses the surface of piston in two aspects, discrete points of axial section profile are fitted by cubic spline tool of...

Authors: Jian Feng Huang

Abstract: The paper presents a case study: the review of the reliability centered maintenance (RCM) methodology realized in a hydrocracker. Applying...

Authors: Yun Kui Zhang, Feng Cui, Zhen Wan, Kai Li, Wu Liu, Wei Ping Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, differential capacitors sandwiched structure of a high-G capacitive microaccelerometer with round metal proof mass supported...

Authors: Wen Song Chen, Hua Shi Lin, Jian Feng Lin

Abstract: The study compared three processes of characteristics of Na2S precipitation, Fenton oxidation and coagulation. The results show that Na2S...

Authors: Lian Yue Hu, Sheng Tao Zhang, Xiao Hong Huang, Hong Hao Hu

Abstract: The effect of tinidazole on the zinc corrosion in 0.1mol/L KOH solution has been studied by polarization curves, electrochemical impedance...

Authors: Bo Gen Zhang

Abstract: With the rapid development of study on steel-concrete composite structure, the vibration response between bridge and vehicle under vehicle...

Authors: Ming Gao, Hong Lv

Abstract: The cross-spectral density function of the partially coherent beam on 1.06μm is extended based on the generalized Huygens-Fresnel principle...

Authors: Jian Hong Li

Abstract: This paper focuses on an important research topic in data mining (DM) which heavily replies on the association rules. In order to deal with...


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