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Authors: You Dong Chen, Tian Miao Wang
Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment
Abstract:This paper presents a 3D tool radius compensation for five- axis peripheral milling in CNC systems. Using a generalized kinematics model of...
Authors: Kyung Hyun Yoon, Young Woo Park
Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment
Abstract:Pipes are everywhere; they are used in a variety of pipelines that should be inspected and maintained to ensure their safety and integrity....
Authors: Yong Liang Huang, Guo Ping Zhang, Xin Bing Huang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:In order to realize the intelligent control in simulated riverway control system, the CC-Link bus and Mitsubishi FX2n series programmable...
Authors: Xiao Hua Zhang, Wei Chen, Shi Xiong Zheng
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:A dynamic model of decision-making layer is capable of chaotic behavior when the macro order parameter weight changed, even if the model is...
Authors: Yu Wan, Ai Min Du, Da Shao, Guo Qiang Li
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:According to the boost mathematical model verified by experiments, the valve train of traditional gasoline engine is optimized and improved...
Authors: Yun Ping Zheng, Cheng Qiang Ren, Shao Ping Ai, Feng Zhang, Jiang Shan
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:With the advance of the exploration and development technology, the corrosion problem in oil and natural gas industries has attracted more...
Authors: Ya Feng Duan, Jiang Wei Yao, Yue Zhang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The hemp, anti-bacteria fine rayon and micro-porous polyester fiber were select to spin into the multi-component blending yarn by ring...
Authors: Xue Ping Wang, Wei Wei Cao, Yong Song, Zhen Wei Zhang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:Abstract. The thesis focuses on how to get the mathematical model of mass transfer under some certain simplified conditions and how to gain...
Authors: Zhen Hui Luan, Ming Ding
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:On the basis of research on gear transmission theory and the working principle of a gear pump, this paper puts forward the construction...
Authors: Chuang Zhang, Zhong Zhou Fan
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:This paper analyzes automatic image registration algorithm, and image features of radar and electronic chart, then, image registration...
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