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Authors: Qi Fa Chen, Yu Cai Wang, Kai Luo, Dai Jin Li
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:By analyzing the operating principle and building the mathematical model, the pressure characteristics of the tri-proportion controller are...
Authors: Xue Song Zhou, Zhi Hao Zhou, You Jie Ma
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:Geomagnetic induced currents (GIC) that flows between the earth and the power grid may pose a threat to the safe operation of power system....
Authors: Zhi Tao Wang, Shu Ying Li, Ping Ping Luo
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:As an important component of intercooled cycle gas turbine, intercooler directly affects the ratio power, thermal efficiency and various...
Authors: Hong Li Gao, You Chuan Chen
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The discrete-element method(DEM) was employed to simulate the mixing and segregation process for size-type binary particulate systems in a...
Authors: Qiu Hua Ma, Qing Wei Wang, Peng Xian Lu, Yong Gai Hou
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The electronic structures of thermoelectric material NaCo2O4 were studied by the first-principles calculations with plane-wave...
Authors: Guang Liang Shi, Xue Hong Wang, Kai Guo, Zhao Zhou Li, Xiao Yan Hu, Lei Tao, Jian Ping Liang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The aim of this study was to provide a theoretical basis for a high-energy carbon ion irradiation process for inducing mutations for...
Authors: Ai Nong Geng, Kui Hua Geng, Xin Mo Li
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:A new type of stationary blade rotary compressor is developed to overcome the rolling piston compressor’s weaknesses such as severe leaking...
Authors: Zhen Wei Zhang, Yong Song, Wei Wei Cao
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:In this paper, we use ANSYS to simulate the cyclone separator, analysis the velocity of the internal airflow field, pressure distribution and...
Authors: Jian Zhuo Zhang, Tian Zi Zhu, Meng Gao, Kang Kang Li
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:A new type of dust-collecting and dedusting system with air curtain was developed to solve the problems of the dust-prevention in mine...
Authors: Rang Shu Xu, Xiao Wen Chen, Jian Ming Yang, Zhi Wei Dong, Min Li Bai
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The composition and principles of the digital measuring system was investigated on the basis of digital oil measuring method. Fly...
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