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Authors: Tian Lan Yu, De Qi Peng, Tian Xiang Yu, Yang Ping Liu, Bing Le Shi, Biao Wei, Xiao Heng Zhi
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The self-rotating kinetic moment formula is derived through theoretical dynamic research on self-cleaning and rotating steel spiral with...
Authors: Li Hua Lei, Yi Liu, Xin Chen, Yun Xia Fu, Yuan Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Grating is a widely-used standard to calibrate the horizontal plane of almost all kinds of microscopes. A grating standard consisting of 1D...
Authors: Dong Mei Yang, Qing Sun
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the non-fragile decentralized controller design problem for uncertain singular large-scale system with...
Authors: Na Yu, Jia Yan Qin, Hong Yu Bao, Xi Qing Yue
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Response surface methodology was used to optimize proteolysis of egg yolk solution using Alcalase and Flavorase according to three...
Authors: Wei Zhang, Jia Peng He, Jing Xian Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:In high-rise building fires, a great deal of fresh air will be sent into the fire floor when pressurization is taken. Smoke is diluted by the...
Authors: Lin Ning Cao, Shu Ming Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The multiple simultaneous faults diagnosis is not deeply studied so far. The methods for multiple simultaneous faults diagnosis are put...
Authors: Long Chang Hsieh, Tzu Hsia Chen
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Recently, the power system equipped in elevator contains motor and gear reducer to get large output torque. The purpose of this paper is to...
Authors: Rui Rui Zheng, Bao Chun Wu, Ji Yin Zhao
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Dissolved gases analysis is the essence to diagnose and forecast power transformer fault. This paper utilized an Auto Regression model to...
Authors: Xiao Jing Zhang, Li Hai Wang
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The effects of timber production (mainly refers to cutting) on forest carbon storage can be studied from two aspects as follows:(1) calculate...
Authors: Yang Liu, Zhi Hua Wang, Li Xin Wei, Ren Shan Pang
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The crude oil in Kuidong region of Liaohe Tanhai Oilfield is characterized by high oil viscosity, high density, high content of colloid...
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