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Authors: You Jie Ma, Jian Zhao, Xue Song Zhou
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Active power filter (APF) is an important device to compensate harmonic and reactive current in power system control method adopted has a...
Authors: Xiu Mei Jin, Yu Mei Lv, Li Feng Du
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:A new technique of using Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) to detect the reflected power of FBG sensing array was researched...
Authors: Jing Guo, Lei Xu, Dan Li, Xin Liu
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Using waste polyacrylonitrile fibers as raw materials. After the polyacrylonitrile fibers was hydrolyzed by NaOH and was grafted by PEG,...
Authors: Cong Teng
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:In this paper, some new algorithms based on diagonal blocks of reachability and observability Gramians are presented for structure preserving...
Authors: Jian Zhuo Zhang, Meng Gao, Tian Zi Zhu, Kang Kang Li
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Introduce the practicality of automatic angle modulation cooling fan used in the engine cooling, calculate the performance data when...
Authors: Guo Juan Shang, Gen Li Shan, Xi Juan Qi
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Based on sufficient market research, a new model of self-unloading semi-trailer, whose maximum loading capacity is 30 tons, has been...
Authors: Shou Hua Chen, Wu Wei, Hong Bing Ye
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Nowadays we mainly take a method with proportion-coefficient basing experience to predict the carrying maintenance spare parts of armored...
Authors: Jian Bo Jia, Yong Yang
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The crayfish flavoring was prepared from pretreated crayfish residues after enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation with Lactobacillus helveticus,...
Authors: Da Wei Zhang, Wen Bin Dong, Dan Zhang, Lei Jin, Jie Zhang, De Ming Li, Hui Dong Li
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The two controlled inoculation procedures of simultaneous and sequential fermentations with Saccharomyces Cerevisiae DJ02 and Lactobacliius...
Authors: Jie Chen
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:A relay feedback identification autotuning PID/PI is proposed in this paper which is capable of controlling long time-delay processes. The...
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