Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Bo Xie, Shu Yong Lin, Hua Yong Yang, Yu Zhen, Jin Zhang

Abstract: Currently when the domestic concrete pump is pumping, the piston of master cylinder may hit the cylinder or not travel enough displacement;...

Authors: Ji Xian Dong, Jing Gu

Abstract: This paper offers many advantages of smoke-free low-noise environment-friendly ground flare in comparison to traditional elevated flare in...

Authors: Hai Bo Xie, Jian Liu, Hua Yong Yang, Yu Zhen, Jin Zhang

Abstract: The domestic 25-ton truck crane has the problems of high system pressure during steady slewing and great hydraulic impact when slewing...

Authors: Yan Qing Yang, Shao Hui He, Bo Jiang, Fa Lin Qi

Abstract: The composite lining model of railway tunnel is set up and then simulation test is presented by non-contact detection with the simple...

Authors: Yan Qing Yang, Shao Hui He, Jian Rui Liu, Fa Lin Qi

Abstract: The detection equipment for the state of railway tunnel lining is a vehicle-mounted complex equipment which is supported by the special...

Authors: Hua Wei Duan, Guang Xue Chen

Abstract: The performance of modern printing machine depends heavily upon the raster image processor (RIP) whereof it is equipped with. The...

Authors: Yu Xue Sun, Fei Yao, Jing Yuan Zhao

Abstract: In the process of low-permeability sandstone reservoir exploitation, stress sensitivity takes place with the effective stress rises...

Authors: Wen Dan Huang, Xiang Min Zheng, Li Min Zhou

Abstract: Water samples were collected in the northern, eastern and southern tidal creeks of Chongming Dongtan in January, 2009. The samples were...

Authors: Xiao Dan Du, Qing Hu, Hong Yu, Yu Ming Du, Ying Qiao

Abstract: With the development of networks and wideband technology, Next Generation Network (NGN) evolves into integrated transmission network of the...

Authors: Ying Shuang Zhang, Guo Qiang Wang, Ji Xin Wang, Li Juan Yang

Abstract: The load time history signal of engineering vehicle is usually polluted by various nonstationary and stationary noises in the field test. An...


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