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Authors: Dong Yi Zhou, Chu Ping Shi, Wen Hua Yuan
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Based on the structure and characteristic of automotive refrigeration system and engine circulation cooling water system and exhausted waste...
Authors: Ying Ying Guan, Bi Xi Zhang, Jing Song
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Based on the structural entropy, this paper establishes a model for analyzing the degree of order of different structure of small or medium...
Authors: Lu Yuan, Hong Zhong, Li Qing Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The synthesis, characterization, and its coordination with metal ions of a novel thiourea N,N'-diethoxycarbonyl-N'',N' ''-(1,2-propylidene)...
Authors: Xiao Lin Zhu, Juan Liu, Hong Lei Ju
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Fangzi, a century town, born because of Jiaoji Railway , still retains the old style, showing unique town layout and the historical and...
Authors: Wei Li Dai, Yang Guang Yan, Jun Tao Fei
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Hybrid Excitation Doubly Salient Generator (HEDSG) with parallel magnetic circuits is performed in this paper, and the main flux in the...
Authors: Yang Shan Tang, Feng Jiao Wang
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:As an accident analysis tool, the simulation system of vehicle collision are developed. On the basis of momentum conservation, speed analysis...
Authors: Jin Long Guo, Yan You Chai, Yang Han, Hao Zhang
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:In order to research the relationship between the life of hull with different structure and the reliability while using, a life estimation...
Authors: Jin Quan Zhu, Yue Qin Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The electrical machinery power factor and the rotational speed are unable the real-time measurement which is restricted by the condition on...
Authors: Yan Zhou Sun, Kun Hu, Wan Ying Ren
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The purpose of this paper is to show the development of Petersen coil and compensated network in the high voltage power distribution networks...
Authors: Jing Feng Zhao, Yan Rong Wang
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:With the development of E-business, supply chain management of manufacturing enterprises becomes more efficient,making business transactions...
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