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Authors: Zhen Xu, Guo Xing Zhang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:High efficiency /high power density is one of the hottest research spots in power electronics technique. Due to simple structure and high...
Authors: Zhen Wei Zhang, Hong Bo Zhang, Cheng Zhang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:This article focuses on the topic of material real running mode in order to put forward the theoretical reference for the structure...
Authors: Jian Yong Han, Guo Jing Chen
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:According to the studying on the force analysis of floating ring of centrifugal pump, the paper think that floating ring stress will change...
Authors: Xiao Ma, Li Chen, Qing Hua Lin, Huan Kun Xu, Sha Lei, Feng Liu
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:Digital Lensless Fourier Holography setup for recording and reconstructing object is presented. By using optical fiber of high numerical...
Authors: Yong Chao Zhang, Qing Guang Chen, Yong Jian Zhang, Xiang Xing Jia
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The full flow field model of a widely used multi-blade centrifugal fan was built, and unstructured grids were used to discrete the...
Authors: Gui Ping Lu, Guang Hong Xue, Zong Chen
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:This paper demonstrates three-dimensional modeling method of virtual reality, and presents a 3D interactive virtual scene design based on the...
Authors: Xiu Rong Guo, Zheng Tao Liu, Mei Guo
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:In order to efficiently search for new soliton solutions to differential-difference equations (DDEs), three kinds of triangle rational...
Authors: Ya Bin Tian, Xu Yi Qi, Guo Bin Liang
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:Many researchers explore the issue about how to predict equipment failures and how to analyze the cause of the failures and to solve them....
Authors: Hui Cao, Chen Wang, Chang Ji Lin
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:The original control system adopts MEH controller and maintains the operation of the unit by continually backflow. But surge problem still...
Authors: Hong Bo Zheng, You Song Sun, Can Biao Xian
Power and Fluid Machinery
Abstract:Aiming at the contradiction between rapid response, stability and accuracy in position control of pump-control electro-hydraulic servo...
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