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Authors: Xiao Ping Shao, Yu Cheng Xia, Ping Wu Shi
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:In view of actual situation of serious resources waste and less than 30% of face recovery ratio to shallow seams with existing features of...
Authors: Chang Chun Yin, Xue Guang Liu, Ye Wang, Min Zhu
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:This paper, according to the principle of the Hershcel-Quincke tube, presents a semi-active silencing device which can effectively control...
Authors: Fang Wang, Mei Hua Xie
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:An inpainting method is proposed to restore the image containing some missing patches. Based on the spartity of images, the method translates...
Authors: Jian Min Chen, Xiao Dong Hao, Zu Chang Song
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Based on the present tecnology of pile, a method of compacted forming concrete pile applied in the subsea base is studied. Using the method...
Authors: Li Xin Wei, Jiang Bo Wen, Lu Ying Zhang, Yan Chun Xu, Peng Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:On the basis of analyzing process and structure characteristics of branch shape water-injection pipe network, this paper established a...
Authors: Ling Xiao Yang, Zhong Jiong Yang, Li Jun Zhu
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Considering frequent braking characteristics in working process of the Underground Loader, a braking energy recovery scheme for Underground...
Authors: Jian Hua Wu, Xun Fang, Hao Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:Gyrocompass is an important instrument which provides course to vessels, but its complex three-dimensional structure and principle of...
Authors: Zhen Gyu Zheng, Ren Xian Li
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:The Aerodynamic noise, which is generated by the moving vehicle at high speed, is a kind of broadband noise. This paper dwelled on the...
Authors: Zheng Ming Tong, Shu Jun Liang
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:In recent years, China has focused on the research of energy reuse and environmental protection with lots of manpower and financial capacity....
Authors: Jian Min Chen, Peng Zeng Guo, Xin Jiang, Zhi Hui Liu
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Abstract:This article records the measuring of applied force exerted on plate structure by sea wave only, and observation of the regular pattern of...
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