Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Xiao Jia, Qing Feng Zhang

Abstract: Relationship between slip resistance of shoe sole and materials and floor conditions was studied by Mark II slipmeter in order to improve...

Authors: Xuan Xiao, Shi Qiang Lu, Xian Juan Dong, Ming Gang Huang, Jun Wei Liu

Abstract: The composite materials with a nominal composition of Cr2Nb-24wt.%Ti were fabricated by mechanical alloying followed by hot...

Authors: Zheng Quan Zhang, Li Ge Wang, En Ze Wang

Abstract: Radar absorbing structures (RAS) can’t only load bearing but also absorb electromagnetic wave energy by inducing dielectric loss and...

Authors: Xu Dan Dang, Shao Jie Shi, Jin San Jiang, Jun Xiao

Abstract: Through the observation of photomicrographs of resin regions around Z-pin ends, the basic hypothesis of the elliptic configuration of resin...

Authors: Wang Zhe, Qin Xian, Jiao Rong Fan

Abstract: This paper describes a way to realize the manufacture of nanowires in detail, which would be discussed mainly on the implement methods as...

Authors: Xin Ya Yang, Chao Li, Jiang Hong Wu

Abstract: This article presents a study on the adequate application of blast furnace slag to replace quartz sand in cementitious self-leveling mortar....

Authors: Yong Liu, Rui Qing Chu, Zhi Jun Xu, Qian Chen, Lin Shao, Kang An, Guo Rong Li

Abstract: Lead-free piezoceramics (K0.5Na0.5)0.94-3xLi0.06LaxNbO3 were...

Authors: Qian Chen, Zhi Jun Xu, Rui Qing Chu, Yong Liu, Ming Li Chen, Xiu Hui Wang, Chun Jiao Ran, Guo Rong Li

Abstract: Lead-free piezoelectric ceramics Sr2Bi4-xGdxTi5O18 were prepared by...

Authors: Lin Yang, Si Zhong Chen, Bin Zhang, Zhan Zong Feng

Abstract: A rotary magnetorheological (MR) damper for a semi-active suspension was developed, laboratory tested. The working principle and features of...

Authors: Pei Yan Ma, Yan Wu, Zheng Yi Fu, Wei Min Wang

Abstract: A new type of ZnO/Ag micro hybrid material has been fabricated by a facile wet chemical method using citrate as a crystal growth modifier....


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