Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Zhen Zhong, Liang Fu Jiang

Abstract: In the developing process of an applicative system or a professional knowledge system, first we collect the required information by...

Authors: Zi Xin Dong, Chu Wen Guo, You Fu Hou, Qing Rui Meng, Fei Hu Li

Abstract: Based on the requirements of torque transmission for stability and saturation magnetization of magnetorheological fluid (MRF), an orthogonal...

Authors: Yaw Long Wang, Chi Min Shu

Abstract: Risk is a concept that denotes the probability of the occurrence of dangers. The factors that generate fires and dangers are numerous, and...

Authors: Jia Liu, Chun Liang Zhang, Jian Li, Sen Li, Yue Hua Xiong

Abstract: The feasibility and superiority of the remote fault diagnosis system based on B/S structure is analyzed in this paper. The B/S structure is...

Authors: Shu Ke Huang, Dan Chen Zhou, Jian Hui Liu, Jin Teng, Ning Li

Abstract: The amplitude frequency response characteristics of simple beams made by Fe-Mn damping alloy, Fe-Cr-Mo damping alloy and 0.45C-steel under...

Authors: An Xia Pan

Abstract: Low-temperature impact test on four different kinds of weld metal welded by different technologies of high-current MAG welding was carried...

Authors: Xiao Hua Bai, Xiao Guang Hao, Shu Jing Li, Li Ping Dai

Abstract: The paper presents the study by changing of Oxidizability –Reducibility of mixed batch glass material and changing the quantities of...

Authors: Cheng Da Yu, Ping Li, Yong Feng Wang, Lei Tang

Abstract: In this paper, a novel composite material of Acrylonitrile-Butadlene-Styrene resin (ABS)-based fabric coated with Cu/Ni-P was prepared via...

Authors: Chao Yu, Qing Zhen Wen, Jin Hua Zhu, Zheng Wei

Abstract: The degradation of neoprene often occurs as a slow and gradual process and it is cannot be used abruptly. In order to keep the safety of...

Authors: J. Jafari Fesharaki, Saeid Golabi, Amir Atrian

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of the non-axisymmetric magnetic and steady state thermal load on thermo magneto mechanic functionally graded...


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