Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Fu Han, Jen Fin Lin

Abstract: The stresses and strain values at various indentation depths are applied to determine the Gibbs free energy at various phases. The...

Authors: Wei Li, Gwo Chung Tsai, Bih Sheng Hsu, Wen Zhuo Li

Abstract: This study first establishes a mathematical model of 5R-P kinematics with the closed-loop vector method, then the corresponding M functions...

Authors: Yaw Long Wang, Yi Ming Chang, Mei Li You, Kun Yue Chen, Chun Ping Lin, Chi Min Shu

Abstract: Most of the buildings for high-tech plants are fireproof and the process equipment in the clean room is in compliance with high-standard...

Authors: Wen Zheng, Xie Ben Wei

Abstract: TRT unit is very important mechanical equipment in steel industry. It not only embodies in saving energy utilization of blast furnace gas,...

Authors: Zhi Gang Yang, Ling Jiang, Hai Zhen Wu

Abstract: In recent years, the extreme weather has caused a serious effect to the engineering, strong rainfall is the important reason result in...

Authors: Ze Min Zhou, Chun Liang Zhang, Yue Hua Xiong

Abstract: As the constantly growth of embedded Technology, embedded products put into use in almost everywhere around our life. This paper mainly...

Authors: Wei Kong, Ming Wei Zhu, Zi Lin Sheng

Abstract: Transmission line wire is a kind of suspension cable structure, need to determine the initial state of the wires, so can make a accurate...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Bo Wang, Fang Wei Liao

Abstract: In this article, the entropy weight and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methods is applied to Ecological Benefit of cold-formed thin-walled...

Authors: Ming Hai Li, Biao Liu, You Bo Ning

Abstract: GT-Suite software is used to establish the simulation model of high-pressure fuel injection system for diesel engine. Simulation parameters...

Authors: Bin Wei, Wen Di Niu, Yu Luo

Abstract: Performance evaluation of public organizations is a problem we are facing at home and abroad. Objective and overall quantitative evaluation...


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