Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Jing Li, Hua Sun, Rui Xiang Chen

Abstract: According to the characteristics of aero products, the products must be as simple and light as possible under the premise of ensuring the...

Authors: Wei Guo Zhang, Peng Li, Wen Hang Ge

Abstract: Currently, the power supply and control equipment of China’ coal are widely used flameproof. Although it play a very important role in the...

Authors: Hai Yun Zhang, Yu Gang Zhao, Guo Yong Zhao, Yan Rong Li, Zhong Wen Sima

Abstract: An open double coordinates computer numerical control (CNC) system was developed, which was based on PC and PMAC motion controller card. A...

Authors: Zi Jian Zhang, Hua Pan

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to recognize and analysis the option value of supplier’s involvement in the collabotative project. Using real...

Authors: Yong Chang Ren, De Yi Jiang, Tao Xing, Ping Zhu

Abstract: Software project quality management is the important work throughout the entire software life cycle, the effective implementation of...

Authors: Fan Jiang, Chun Liang Zhang, J.H. Xiang

Abstract: The traditional heat pipe has shortage about interference of evaporator channel and return channel, separating evaporation channel with the...

Authors: Xiao Da Li, Xiang Hui Zhan

Abstract: The structure of progress die is generally more complex and need higher precision, so it needs a longer development cycle, especially for...

Authors: Hung Jung Tsai, Jeng Haur Horng, Hung Cheng Tsai, Pay Yau Huang

Abstract: The grain flow lubrication, based on Haff's grain flow theory and the Patir/Cheng flow factors method, is applied in the simulations of...

Authors: Huu Hung Nguyen, Pal Jen Wei, Jen Fin Lin

Abstract: A method used to determine the residual stress in a hard film deposited on a soft substrate via the unloading load-depth curves was...

Authors: Heng Sheng Lin, Sheng Chi Tsai, Yuan Chuan Hsu, Ming Che Hsiao, Chia Chou Ke, Bean Yin Lee

Abstract: The manifolds of airbag inflator were used to be produced by sheet-metal forming. It comprised at least eleven forming stages to achieve its...


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