Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fa Yun Ma, Hua Wei Li, Bing Guang Han, Jian Zhong Xu

Abstract: The high-speed railway based on electromechanical integration develops rapidly in China in recent years. In order to improve research for...

Authors: Xue Wei Zhao, Xi Zheng Zhang, Xin Hua Zhao

Abstract: The structure design of gun according to the flow velocity and flow energy loss of the fluid in water cutting gun jet channel. Take the gun...

Authors: Bin Chao Lou

Abstract: Shanghai YinChaoChang a W722 lathe processing of metal parts, workpiece surface machining quality external circular no obvious problem, and...

Authors: Gao Fei Ouyang, Yong Cong Kuang, Xian Min Zhang

Abstract: A novel fast scanning method is proposed to further stabilize and fasten the construction of extension velocities in level set method. Based...

Authors: Chang Jun Ji

Abstract: The virtual manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing technology which came into being in 1990s. Due to fierce market competition,...

Authors: Jin Yu, Yu Xiang Shi, Gui Wu Yang

Abstract: Traveling load and rotating load can be applied to the tool on the basis of analyzing the relative position between tool and workpiece in...

Authors: Zhi Wei Xing, Yong Lv, Jun Hui Li

Abstract: Aircraft tow-tractor is one of the absolutely necessary ground support equipments (GSE) in the airport. The chassis is the framework on...

Authors: Teng Xu, Qin Xiang Xia, Sai Jun Zhang, Zhen Shi Li, Wei Ping Ruan

Abstract: In order to explore the influence of slide stroke curves on drawing process and solve the problems of springback and serious thickness...

Authors: Mo Wu Lu, Guo Ming Zhang, Wei Qiang Zhao

Abstract: The processing performance is closely related with dynamic performance and the dynamic performance is one of the most important performance...

Authors: Ze Hao Min

Abstract: The Japan Fukushima nuclear crisis upgrades global discussion about the development and utilization of the nuclear power while provides...


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