Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Ping Jin, Ming Hu

Abstract: Directly driven by CAD model, based on principle of discrete-superposition, rapid prototyping technology is the generic terms of rapid...

Authors: Jun Yan Ma, Xiao Ping Liao, Wei Xia, Xue Lian Yan

Abstract: As a powerful modeling tool, Gaussian process (GP) employs a Bayesian statistics approach and adopts a highly nonlinear regression technique...

Authors: Xuan Rong Xin, Cheng Song He, Long Long Shan

Abstract: A new measurement of friction coefficient which is more applicable to overload extrusion technology is proposed in this paper. It determines...

Authors: Qing Jun Wang, Cheng Liang Guo

Abstract: Logistics has been an integral profit source of modern social economy due to the booming Logistics industry & service. Logistics...

Authors: Chang Zheng Li, Yong Lei

Abstract: Engine running plays very important roles in a turbo-shaft engine production and maintenance. Traditional computer aided testing is just...

Authors: Gang Zheng, Ru Min Wang, Gao Yang Zhao, Zhong Yu

Abstract: In this study, by using UV-visible adsorption spectrophotometer, ζ-potential analyzer and X-ray photo spectroscopy, the adsorption...

Authors: Cong Gui Chen, Liang Bin Hu, Feng Wei Yuan, Yao Bin Hu

Abstract: According to the requirements of dynamic design for high-speed and heavy-loading marine gear, in view of slotting processing advantages,...

Authors: Yu Hui Zhou

Abstract: Through the extension of functional analysis of pure electric vehicles, electric vehicles, charge and discharge are presented potential...

Authors: Ba Sheng Ouyang, Guo Xiang Lin, Yong Hui Tang

Abstract: Cutting forces and machining error in contouring of concave and convex surfaces using helical ball end mills are theoretically investigated....

Authors: Yue Yang, Hua Wu

Abstract: Nickel layer electroless deposited on aluminum substrate was alloyed by Nd-YAG pulsed laser irradiation. Solidification microstructure was...


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