Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Liu, Hui Yi Miao
Abstract: An unconstrained optimization model is established for assessing roundness errors by the minimum circumscribed circle method based on radial deviation measurement. The properties of the objective function in the optimization model are thoroughly researched. On the basis of the modern theory on convex functions, it is strictly proved that the objective function is a continuous and non-differentiable and convex function defined on the two-dimensional Euclidean space. The minimal value of the objective function is unique and any of its minimal point must be its global minimal point. Any existing optimization algorithm, so long as it is convergent, can be used to solve the objective function in order to get the wanted roundness errors by the minimun circumscribed circle assessment. One example is given to verify the theoretical results presented.
Authors: Ming Zhu Zhang, Qiang Wang
Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the principle of preparation for nano-materials via vapor-phase technics, the design and assembly of nano-material synthesizer. Vapor-phase techniques include physical and chemical vapor synthesis, which involves vapor particle nucleation, nuclei growth, cohesion and a series of basic process in particle growth. Based on the principle of vapor-phase, this paper also details the invention of the process equipment for nano-material synthesis, which realizes an adjustable process in automatic control. The design aims to achieve a synthesizer being adjustable, automatic, intuitive and easy to operate. It mainly includes the following features. First, the invention helps show that preparation for nano-materials via vapor-phase technics is feasible. Second, with the high output of vapor-phase reaction, the synthesizer can not only be carried out in the experimental environment to demonstrate the synthesis of nano-materials, but also be applied in industrial production.
Authors: Dong Liang Chen, Qun Zhang, Shao Zhi Liu
Abstract: Based on the research of foot characteristics of insecta, a climbing robot’s mechanical structure and kinematics are analyzed, and the main crawling institutions was designed by a kind of bionic four-bar linkage. Claws are made of sharp spines, claws are composed of a number of toes which are flexible structure with local degrees of freedom, they have a grate adaptivity to the rough wall. We have studied the characteristics of the rough wall climbing, and made analysis affection of reliability with the angle perched on. The experimental study indicates spine planning and structure design, material selection are reasonable.
Authors: Ming Liang Wu, Xiao Bing Wang, Shu Rong Yu
Abstract: Based on GPRS network remote monitoring system which uses its two-way transmission performance, can easily monitor various electrical equipments and get information. Compare with the past remote monitoring systems, the system has the advantage of flexible networking, convenient, wide range of data transmission, high reliability, fast response time, and has great significance and value of research in CNC machine tool system with upgrade GPRS in the mobile communication networks, data services expand and data transfer capabilities.
Authors: Shuang Liang, Ming Li, Hui Yang, Xing Fu Zhao
Abstract: In industrial metrology, measurement and assessment of standard profile features such as planes, cylinders, cones, etc. is an important part. Many algorithms for fitting and noise-reduction of range data from single feature have been proposed. However, according to the definition of workpiece or requirement of drawing, best-fit operation of a pattern of profile features to the true profile should be taken, which requires considering several different features as a whole to fit to the true profile. Currently there’s not so much papers related with this problem. On basis of algorithms for fitting of single profile feature and noise reduction methods, an algorithm for best-fit of a pattern of profile features was presented in this paper. Since it is a nonlinear optimization problem, a method of finding initial estimates was also related in this paper, which is also helpful for the fitting of single cylinder, cone and other standard quadric surfaces.
Authors: Mei Hong Liu, Zhen Hua Li, Jun Ruo Chen
Abstract: Single machine scheduling problem with setup times is proved to be an NP-hard problems, and its complexity is equivalent to the traveling salesman problem (TSP) of n cites. Integrating the advantages of simulation and genetic algorithm (GA), this paper proposes a GA based on simulation to solve this NP-hard problem. Then, it introduces how to build the simulation model and how to design chromosome coding and selection, crossover and mutation operators of GA for this special scheduling problem in details. An experiment has been carried out and the result proves that the method is feasible and should be adopted.
Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Jian Feng Xu
Abstract: A new 4WS vehicle model is set up by means of revamping a foreign FWS model. Co-simulation is completed by loading 4WS mechanical model as a subsystem which is built to express the characteristics of physical model of vehicle in ADAMS/Car into the control system modeled in MATLAB. Moreover, the response curves of evaluating handling stability are obtained according to co-simulation results of step steering maneuvers and single lane change maneuvers. It provides theoretical basis for developing 4WS physical vehicle rapidly.
Authors: Zi Bo Ye, Sheng Guan Qu, Guang Hong Wang, Wei Xia
Abstract: To investigate surface stress distribution of rectangle piston ring, method of increment loading based on energy variational principle is used to ascertain contact state and solve elastic contact problems by iteration. Calculation results show that the central section of the first sealing surface is subjected to lower stress while two sides higher stress. The theoretical analysis and experimental results indicate that appearance of stress peak on surface is related to movement direction of piston ring. Relatively critical wear regions of piston ring are consistent with finite element analysis results. Wear width of both sides is 0.2mm more or less. The section of maximal stress appears at position near ring groove of the first sealing area.
Authors: Jun Wei Liu, Jian Yi Kong, Min Zhou, Xing Dong Wang, He Gen Xiong, Gong Fa Li
Abstract: To meet the development of ubiquitous information environment and improve timely response efficiency of iron & steel enterprise, combined with characteristics of steel manufacture industry and its automation and informatization, an intelligent manufacturing system (IMS) of iron & steel enterprise based on the multi-dimensional ubiquitous information space is proposed. The system architecture is studied from two different aspects: systems business function aspects and intelligent manufacturing technology in ubiquitous information environment. From the perspective of local soft reconfiguration, reconfiguration method and self-organization mechanism of iron & steel enterprise IMS in ubiquitous information environment is studied.
Authors: Ping Huai Mao, Bing Zhai, Run Dong Chen
Abstract: Nowadays environmental issues facing society is one of the three major problems, the deterioration of the environment for human survival and development is caused a serious threat. The design of moving part of the silt coal loader is confined to traditional design but seldom considering the environmental elements. Through the analysis of the silt coal loader walk part of traditional design pattern characteristics and existing problems, from the angle of impact on environment, puts forward the green design thought. Based on the green design thought, all of the part of the loader should be respectively designed detailed. The design includes material selection, recycling design, disassembling design, etc. The loader can realize the purpose of protecting the environment and saving resources by the green design, according to the requirement of sustainable development. The applications of green design improve the product quality and economize resources, and make products to green environmental requirements.

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