Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Hai Wang, Xiao Peng Li, Lei Sun, Yue Sun

Abstract: This paper analyzes the influence of processing surface curvature of the free surface to the cutting width to improve the cutting width of...

Authors: Guo Sheng Lan, Xue Liang Zhang, Hong Qin Ding, Shu Hua Wen, Zhong Yang Zhang

Abstract: Through the analysis and research on three fractal models of normal contact stiffness of joint interfaces, the differences between them can...

Authors: Jian Hua Xiang, Chun Liang Zhang, Fan Jiang

Abstract: A spiral micro-groove structure in plane was processed by P-E method in this paper. The shapes of groove structure was restricted by P-E...

Authors: Zhi Hao Zhou, Qi Lin Zhang, Hui Zhu Yang, Lu Chen

Abstract: Shanghai Center Tower is the tallest skyscraper under construction in China with the height of 642 meters. In order to reflect the real...

Authors: Shi Biao Huang

Abstract: A novel structure of vane pump is brought forward, a new assembly relation among vane, sleeve, port plate and stator is created, mechanical...

Authors: Ai Hua Ren, Guo Xing Sun, Chuan Qiong Sun

Abstract: Though spatial cam has been widely used in various fields of machinery and equipment ,but it is seldom used in continuously variable...

Authors: Liang Ruan, Xu Dong Ren, Yong Zhuo Huangfu, Yong Kang Zhang

Abstract: The heat-resistant steel after aluminized was treated by laser shock processing (LSP) with high power Nd:YAG laser, and then was tensile...

Authors: Li Xin Dai, Zong Li

Abstract: Most resources used in a project will have an easily determined cost. We need to know which staff members can work on which parts of a...

Authors: He Tang Wang, De Ming Wang, Wan Xing Ren

Abstract: In order to overcvome the shortage of current dust control technology in coal mine, especially the traditional water spray method, a...

Authors: Yong Zhuo Huangfu, Xu Dong Ren, Liang Ruan, Yong Kang Zhang, Da Wei Jiang

Abstract: Fatigue tensile treatment was performed on 00Cr12 heat-resistant steel specimens which had been treated by laser shock processing (LSP). The...


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