Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Hui Qi, Bao Hong Sun, Ling Yan Xu

Abstract: Numerical method to simulate the effect of air bubblers on glass melt flow and heat transfer in glass tank furnace is presented in this...

Authors: Jun Hu, Lei You, Shu Jia

Abstract: Based on the previous work of air traffic, a novel indicator— anti-blockage coefficient was proposed. When air traffic was influenced by bad...

Authors: Jun Liao, Lan Shan, Yan Feng

Abstract: The establishment of FCEV finite element model of the subframe is based on Hypermesh platform, and a new subframe structure is designed in...

Authors: Bing Duo Hou, Ying Xu, Jun Hu Yang, Lang Cao Peng

Abstract: The traditional numerical methods about calculation of bird strike problems are Lagrangian numerical method and Euler method. However, the...

Authors: Fu Lin Jiang, Zhan Qiang Liu, Gang Liu

Abstract: The mechanism of shrink fit toolholder has been analyzed through theoretical modeling and finite element modeling. The performance of shrink...

Authors: Yong Ma, Qi Huang, Zhi Feng Lou, Ke Hong Li

Abstract: Linear, conic, cubic, and sine relief curve are compiled and established in MATLAB, on which gear models are built in UG and a new method of...

Authors: Cheng Shun Han, Qiang Zhang, Zheng Huang, Tao Sun

Abstract: Aspheric optical components are widely used as important parts of commercial optical products owing to their desirable properties. The fast...

Authors: Chao Wang, Jia Dong Li, Guo Yuan, Zhao Dong Wang, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: Finite difference equations are used for simulation of plate temperature field in roller quenching, and cooling rate in thickness direction...

Authors: Liang En Yang, Lin Zheng, Shan Ting Ding

Abstract: The development of complex product system (CoPS) has longer cycle and many factors affecting development quality. Therefore the quality...

Authors: Shu Juan Li, Yong Ke Hu, Xue Jiang, Juan Du

Abstract: As a modern manufacturing technology, cryogenic cutting technology is one of effective ways to improve machining efficiency of hard-cutting...


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