Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Lu, Shi Chao Chen, Yuan Bao, Ke Zhang, Yu Hou Wu

Abstract: The electric spindle is the main form of high-speed NC machine spindle. Now the technology of ceramic spindle with its excellent performance...

Authors: Liang Bin Hu, Sheng Li, Feng Wei Yuan, Bi Wen Li, Cong Gui Chen

Abstract: Slotting process used to achieve modify heavy-loading mine gear.According to the pitch circle radius of gear tooth profile modification is...

Authors: Gang Zheng, Ru Min Wang, Gao Yang Zhao, Xiao Jiao Yu

Abstract: In this paper, superplasticizer was synthesized from waste plexiglas and sodium allysulfonate (WPS). Poly(methyl methacrylate-co-ethyl...

Authors: Cong Gui Chen, Liang Bin Hu, Yao Bin Hu, Sheng Li

Abstract: The development status of profile modification technology and slotting process are described, the paper proposed slotting profile...

Authors: Jian Yang Zhao, Xiao Min Li, Yang He

Abstract: This paper analyses the exiting fault injection technology completely which is a key role in the testability demonstration and evaluation...

Authors: Lian Bo Li

Abstract: The paper’s the main research object is the multi-axis servo motor’s sports control using the movement CARDS. It researches and designs the...

Authors: Xu Song Xu, Zhi Ying Sun

Abstract: To solve the problem of drilling small-diameter deep-hole on difficult-to-cut materials, a kind of DF system combined with low frequency...

Authors: Shi Ping Xie

Abstract: The completion of the Three Gorges reservoir makes it possible for a fleet with 10, 000 tons or more to proceed directly to Chongqing though...

Authors: Zhao Kui Shen, Xiao Lin Pan

Abstract: Pro/Toolkit is the powerful secondary development provide of Pro/E ,It encapsulates many aimed at Pro/E bottom resources library function...

Authors: Yan Yan Zhang, Ming Ming Zhu

Abstract: Based on the large analysis software ANSYS, the FEA model of feeder was be setted up, the mechanical properties of the material was...


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