Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Hai Yu

Abstract: Based on the study of characteristics, classification, and propagation principle of equipment manufacturing generic technology, a...

Authors: Wen Gui Su, Pin Pin Qin, Li Li, Xiong Huang

Abstract: Just in time (JIT) distribution is an necessary activity for the JIT production system ,which delivers the right parts with the right...

Authors: Chen Bing Ouyang, Ying Chen, Yi Wang

Abstract: With construction of the growing amounts of energy saving buildings, there are defects cracks in external wall insulation because of lack of...

Authors: Fang Wang, Xi Feng

Abstract: Ergonomically design is very important for younger body growth healthy. According to the anthropometry which include the differences between...

Authors: Dong Xu Zhao, Yu Jia Tang, Zhi Hao Pei

Abstract: The high-strength steel blanks with higher yield strength had introduced many challenging formability problems for the stamping process....

Authors: Shu Ye Sun, Guo Yong Zhang

Abstract: The lube oil separator is widely used in lube oil system of merchant vessel. The lube oil separator functions to purify the lube oil to...

Authors: Wen Zhang

Abstract: The research in mainly conducted on the realization mechanism of CAS (Computer Aided System) facing the Industrial Design, though analysis...

Authors: Ju Jiang Cao, Long Li, Xiao Hong Tian

Abstract: Box-taking mechanism is an important part of automatic cartoner, it also is a “bottleneck” in automatic cartoner. After analyzing the...

Authors: Dae Young Kong, Chan Seob Cho, Jun Hwan Jo, Bong Hwan Kim, Jong Hyun Lee

Abstract: Surface texturing is an important process to enhance light absorption and to improve efficiency of a solar cell. Reactive ion etching (RIE)...

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Ti Jun Fan, Hai Yang Xia

Abstract: This paper research on how hazardous chemicals transportation provider optimal transportation solution supposed transportation risk (i.e....


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