Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ya Lv, Yong Jun Min

Abstract: A communication and data collection device was designed based on GPIB protocol, with the design of PC control and automatic measurement...

Authors: Zhi Yang Li, Ming Yu Huang, Hong Ju Hu, Hong Jun Ni, Yu Zhu, Zhong Shi Jia, Peng Peng Wen

Abstract: Based on the instance of collection the data of complex surface impeller and reconstruction the three-dimensional model, it describes the...

Authors: Ya Fei Ou, Xiao Chu Liu, Chuan Jian Liu, Wen Xiong Li, Hao Wang

Abstract: To further understand the bearing performance’s influence of the plastic deformation after balls and bearing rings surface multiple...

Authors: Kui Hua Geng, Meng Tang, Hong Dong Yu, Ai Nong Geng, Shi Guang Du

Abstract: The structure and working principle of a new translational piston compressor was introduced in this paper. Its piston works in a way of...

Authors: Ai Nong Geng, Xin Mo Li, Yu Xing Xie

Abstract: A new type of variable structure motorcycle helmet is proposed in this paper, in which that the helmet’s chin-guard can be transformed...

Authors: Yang Liu, Dong Po Wang, Hai Zhang

Abstract: Finite element software ANSYS was used to study the influence of welding sequences on the distortion generated in the welding process of a...

Authors: Hu Wang, Shu Yu Lv

Abstract: To quantitatively analyze the design process of vehicle R&D, and provide the basis for process optimization of research and development...

Authors: Kun Shan Li, Yi Min Mo

Abstract: The non-ball mill is a new-type grinding equipment that is developed on the foundation of the successful technology of vertical shaft...

Authors: Jian Wang, Hong Bing Yang

Abstract: Plated PE plastic steel pipe has characteristics of high strength, light weight and strong resistance of corrosion and it is very suitable...

Authors: Singare Sekou, Shou Yan Zhong, Zhen Zhong Sun

Abstract: In this papers, the authors described a rapid prototyping method to produce vascularized tissue such liver scaffold for tissue engineering...


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