Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sun Hui Yao, Yan Liang Su, Wen Xian Kao

Abstract: This study aimed to understand the effect of TiO2 content on the thermal shock performance of...

Authors: Chau Chang Chou, Jyun Hao You, Cheng Lun Wu

Abstract: A novel processing technique using a series of mixing/refluxing procedures and high-pressure crystallization (HPC) to fabricate...

Authors: Wen Hsien Kao, Yan Liang Su, Sun Hui Yao, S.H. Liu

Abstract: The a-C:H:Zr-x coatings are deposited on micro-drills using a closed field unbalanced magnetron (CFUBM) sputtering system with pulsed-DC...

Authors: Fu Ming Chang, Tung Hsien Tsai, Sheng Han Chiang

Abstract: This paper integrates machine center cutting process and magnetic abrasive finishing(MAF) producing a combined process that improves the...

Authors: Shou Yin Yang, Chih Yung Wu, Kun Ho Chen

Abstract: Rice straw is one of the main renewable energy sources in central and south Taiwan. In this study, bio-oil was produced from rice straw...

Authors: Meng Hui Hsu, Hsueh Yu Chen, Ting Sheng Weng, Feng Chi Liu

Abstract: People used the Micro Air Vehicles to patrol the military activity or explore the danger region.The important parts of Micro Air Vehicles...

Authors: Ting Sheng Weng, Meng Hui Hsu

Abstract: The rapid establishment of current technology is dependent on the effective integration of interdisciplinary science. Hence the R & D...

Authors: Tung Sheng Yang, Shuai Qiang Li, Sheng Yi Chang

Abstract: This study applies the finite element method (FEM) in conjunction with an abductive network to predict the workpiece surface parameters,...

Authors: Long Chang Hsieh, Tzu Hsia Chen

Abstract: Mike Buzzetti proposes an optical fiber polisher which is a link-type mechanism with double flats in 1999. Buzzetti’s optical fiber polisher...

Authors: Hsiao Yeh Chu, Jen Fin Lin, Yung Chin Chiu, Hsi Cherng Chang

Abstract: This research studies the effect of implanted tungsten ion on the wear mechanism after ionized tungsten was implanted into material surface...


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