Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Lei, Jian Hui Qiu, Xue Li Wu, Yang Zhao, Eiichi Sakai

Abstract: Graphene-poly(methyl methacrylate) (GNS-PMMA) composites were prepared by two methods. Graphite oxide nanosheet-poly(methyl methacrylate)...

Authors: Yu Xi Liu, Yu Yan Liu, Chang Guo Wang, Hui Feng Tan

Abstract: There is considerable interest in the use of flexible laminate composite materials to improve the deployable structures for space...

Authors: Chang Qing Guo, Qi Huan Wang

Abstract: EPS (expanded polystyrene spheres) templates with thickness of a 10 mm coating on a surface that is mainly consisted of Ni-WC particles, are...

Authors: Xin Xu, Sheng Yin Song, Yao Rong Feng, Xin Hu Wang

Abstract: A new drill pipe steel microalloyed with 0.04 w.t.% Nb was designed to meet the needs of drilling operation in super-deep wells, and the...

Authors: Qin He, Qian Su, Ming Qin Zhang, Rui Jun Zhang, Sheng Qu

Abstract: Abstract. This part analyzed clamping automobile tires conveyance’s research situation, summarized its failure problem and occurrence cause,...

Authors: Jiang Ping Rao, Guang Qiang Li, Zhi Zheng Yang

Abstract: This paper compares the structure and basic points of the new lance with traditional ones, analyses the new design with center hole in head...

Authors: Jing Wang, Yi Chao Ding, Hong Cheng, Yi San Wang

Abstract: TiC particulates reinforced iron matrix surface composite was produced by cast technique and in-situ synthesis technique. The surface...

Authors: Yan Zi Yin, Ji Hui Wang, Ze Hui Yang, Jiu Xiao Sun, Heng Tian, Ling Ling Gong

Abstract: A new kind of optical fiber corylic resin coating was prepared in this paper. The influence of PVC (pigment volume concentration) to the...

Authors: Xiao Xia Sun, Ya Zhou Lou, Qiang Qiang Chen, Li Li, Xiao Xiao Zhuang, Ying Chun Li

Abstract: Heterocyclic electron-poor monomer [1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine have been synthesized in high yields over five steps from readily...

Authors: Cun Zhou, Jian Li Cheng, Yu Sun

Abstract: Abstract: An epoxy based nano-SiO2/TiO2/polyimide hybrid enhanced sizing for carbon fiber was prepared by modified...


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