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Authors: Jian Guang Zhang, Zhen Qiang Zhu, De Quan Ma, Rong Guo Wang, Xiao Dong He
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:This study presents an effective methodology for the optimum design of two-component armor. The armor consists of two plates: one is boron...
Authors: Qiao Li Zhai, Ya Guang Zhan, Dao Qi Xu, Xiao Dong Wang, Gui Zhi Fan
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:58 fungal elicitors prepared from the endophytic fungi isolated from inner bark of B. platyphylla Suk. were examined to determine their...
Authors: Jie Wu, Juan Zhang, Hai Jiang Zhang, Yi Jing
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:The chitosan/palygorskite resins with tannic acid (TA) as template molecules (CPRT) were prepared by emulsion cross-linking technology....
Authors: Jue Tan, Yu Dong Zheng, Ru Tian, Shi Bo Zhang, Hong Yan Chen
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Bacterial cellulose (BC)/Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) multilayer composite hydrogels were prepared by freezing and thawing. The mechanical...
Authors: Chang Su, Pan He, Li Huan Xu, Cheng Zhang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:In this article, the damping mechanism of organic hybrids consisting of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and phenolic oligomer 4-methyl-pheno...
Authors: Yun Hua Zhang, Fa Zhou Wang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Cement asphalt mortar (CA mortar, or CAM) is a composite material with equal presence of cement and asphalt emulsion and acts as a cushion...
Authors: Shu Hong Ba, Zhen Xing Sun, Zhe Zhang, Chun Hong Zhang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:CuO nanocrystal has been successfully synthesized by adopting liquid phase reaction and using cupric nitrate and sodium hydroxide as raw...
Authors: Lu Ying Zhao, Ming Xia, Jing Jing Guan
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) is the core component of the food safety management system which analyzes and controls...
Authors: Yuong Chen, Chang Jiang Zhang, Fan Tao Kong, Hong Zhi Niu, Fang Wu, Shu Long Xiao
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:In the present study, Ti-6Al-2.5Sn-4Zr-0.7Mo-0.3Si-0.3Y alloy matrix composites reinforced with TiB and TiC were fabricated by...
Authors: Sheng Zhu, Guo Feng Han, Xiao Ming Wang, Wen Bo Du
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:In this study, Al-Si alloy protective coating was deposited on the surface of ZM5 magnesium alloy by cold spray technology. Researchers...
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