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Authors: Feng Lan Wei, Chun Long Li, E Liu, Cai Bei Zhang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:The moisture absorption characteristic of the humidity-controlled materials at different relative humidity was studied by experiment and the...
Authors: Gang Liu, Dai Jun Zhang, Peng Zhang, Xiao Su Yi
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:This article is intended to outline a novel concept of interlaminar 3-3 connectivity of fiber-reinforced laminated composites. This...
Authors: Xiao Jie Li, Ning Luo, Kai Xin Liu
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Carbon-encapsulated iron-based alloy nanoparticles with a core-shell structure were prepared by detonation decomposition of nitrate complex...
Authors: Xi Wang Wu, Jian Zhong Xiao, Feng Xia, Yong Gang Hu, Zhou Peng
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:The key problem to prepare carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced ceramic matrix composites is how to break up massive agglomerates of CNTs and...
Authors: Ya Qian Wu, Hong Ying Xia, Feng Zhao
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Based on the combinational method of pseudo ternary phase diagram and orthogonal design and taking the study on the imidacloprid...
Authors: Bin Zhan, Ning Liu, Wei Xu, Jin Gang Shi
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Four Ti(C, N)-based cermets was fabricated from different size of ceramic powder by the conventional powder metallurgy technique....
Authors: Hong Zuo, Feng Wen Wang, Yu Hong Feng
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:In this paper, the microscopic features of damage and texture of a wheel tread in high-speed rail were investigated by EBSD. The microscopic...
Authors: Feng Lan Wei, Wei Chen, E Liu, Cai Bei Zhang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:According to internal heat and moisture transfer coupling equations for the humidity-controlled composite materials in greenhouse, the...
Authors: Chang Hao Wang, Jing Tian, Xiang Lu
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:According to the finite element method, this article has established the FML’s finite element model. By comparing to the test data and...
Authors: Lin Liu, Jing Song, Chong Wang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:One kind of bismaleimide resin (BMI) was prepared from Michael addition reaction with modification carbon nanotubes (m-CNTs). CNTs were...
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