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Authors: Zhe Wei Huang, Jiao Sun, Li Yi Shi, Da Wei Zhang
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Nano-sized silicon dioxide (SiO2) is widely utilized in artificial bone, artificial tooth, interventional catheters and drug...
Authors: Chao Zhang, Wei Wu, Rong Jun Chen
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:By trying experiments on the dry-shrinkage and temperature-shrinkage performance, polypropylene fiber and glass fiber’s effect on the...
Authors: Jun Yang, Mei Ling Chen, Hong Gao
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The microstructures and mechenical properties were studied of the reinforced cast aluminum bronze by modified nano-SiC powders have been...
Authors: Samraj Ravi, Murugasan Pradeep Kumar
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The milling of hardened steel generates very high temperature in the cutting zone, and leads to detrimental effects on the cutting force,...
Authors: Shu Qin Wu, Yao Ming Li
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The paper introduces the precision processing technology of grinding using magnetic fluid and presents the working mechanism of...
Authors: Yu Tian, Yun Liang, Yan Cui, Zeng Zhang
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Abstract. The nanofiber based filtering material, made up of fibers of diameter less than 1000 nm, have been discovered as new filtering...
Authors: Min Wang
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Fe nanoparticles prepared by the arc was used in the present study. It was oxidized by laying in the air and passivated by argon ion...
Authors: Yuan Lian, Jian Yi Wu, Da Peng Zhou, Hong Mei Wang, Dian Wu Huang, Yu Hong Huang
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Alginate fibre has attracted great attention in the area of biological medical materials due to its unique biological properties. But its low...
Authors: Amir Charkhi, Mohammad Kazemeini, Seyed Javad Ahmadi, Sareh Ammari Allahyari
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:In order to investigate the effect of bentonite binder on adsorption and cation exchange properties of granulated nano NaY zeolite, the...
Authors: Xiu Yu Sun, Fa Qiang Xu
Chapter 2: Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Highly ordered Cu, Ag and Au nanowire arrays with high aspect ratio and highly dense self-supporting nanowire patterns of copper group were...
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