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Authors: Zhen Feng Sun, Le Hua Qi, Qiao Juan Gong, Yang Shu
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:The morphology and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes(CNTs) and carbon nanospheres (CNSs) produced by in-situ CVD method on different...
Authors: Qi Jun Wu, Ke Dong Zhou, Lei He
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:To research the strength of composite material barrels, based on the CDM theory, an energy-based stiffness degradation method is proposed to...
Authors: Yan Chao Qiao, Zi Qi Guo, Bao Gang Zhang, Yao Lin Shi
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Using finite element method, we solve the heat conduction equation. In our calculation, we use 0.02 and 0.052 °C/year as temperature rising...
Authors: Jian Liu, Gang Li, Yu Kun Song
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:This article is taking 5.5"special thread petroleum casing-pipe as example, using nonlinear technology of Ansys FEA software to analyze...
Authors: Xiao Yan Zhao, Kuan Guo, Chao Zhang, Yue Ma, Xi Hong Li
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:The effect of 11S/7S ratios on mechanical and barrier properties of soybean-protein-isolate films was evaluated. The tensile strength...
Authors: Wei Min Kang, Jing Yan, Bo Wen Cheng
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:A kind of SMS composite nonwovens with excellent antistatic property was developed by mixing the polypropylene resin and the antistatic...
Authors: Bin Tian, Hua Shi
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:The influence of ac driving current on the frequency dependence in the range from 0.1 to 20 MHz of the giant magnetoimpedance effect (GMI) of...
Authors: Na Na Liu, Jian Lin Sun, Di Wu
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:Elastic constants and some thermodynamic properties of Cu and copper oxides were studied by first-principles total energy calculations. The...
Authors: Duo Qiang Liang, Feng Qin, Xu Guang Li, Ji Bo Jiang
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:It is of great importance to innocuity, minimization and reutilization of manganese slag generated in manganese product by electric furnace...
Authors: Cai Yun Wang, Peng Shen, Qi Yue Liu
Chapter 1: Composites
Abstract:This paper describes an numerical method and simulation experiment investigation on the rail wear affected by the curve radius and axle load...
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