Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Tong

Abstract: According to the shape character of some one steering knuckle the metal flowing and the defects of current process was analyzed and...

Authors: You Xian Zhang, Hai Tao Liu, Ya Bin Hou

Abstract: We selecte two bentonite products: activated clay and organo-bentonite, and introduce the related content of them like industrial...

Authors: Ji Yeon Shim, Ill Soo Kim, Ji Hye Lee, In Ju Kim, Bong Yong Kang

Abstract: Magnetic pulse forming is based on the principle of generation of a repulsive force called, Lorentz force due to opposing magnetic fields of...

Authors: Ying Yan Shi

Abstract: In this paper, ω-bromopropylporphyrin ether was firstly synthesized using 1,3-dibromopropane as bridge-linked group and...

Authors: Noridah Mohamad, Hilmi Mahdi Muhammad

Abstract: This paper reports the structural behavior of precast lightweight foamed concrete sandwich panel, PLFP, subjected to eccentric loading. An...

Authors: Yun Yun Chu, Yu Chou Chao

Abstract: Dye adsorption on Ti02 and electron transport in Ti02 film are the two critical factors in determining efficiency of...

Authors: Shun Zhong Yao, Yong Nian Dai, Hao Huang

Abstract: Abstract:Dealing with thallium-bearing materials by vacuum distillation under the condition of 400~700°Cand 10-60 Pa.Measured contents of...

Authors: Tian Bo Liu, Fang Jun Luan, Shou Jin Wang

Abstract: The quality of rural residential building products related to the construction pace of new socialist countryside in China. In order to...

Authors: Yun Xiang He

Abstract: Pore structure is one of the main influencing factors of materials drying shrinkage. C30 natural mix proportion is used as reference, the...

Authors: Xiao Rong Yang, Lei Yu Zhang, Hai Chao Li, Li Ying Dong

Abstract: In order to analyze the characteristics of pile-soil stress ratio of the composite foundation of cement-soil mixing pile under flexible...


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