Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Guang Liang Gao, Rui Ying Bai, Feng Lu, Ling Li

Abstract: The magnesium slag is discarded from production of magnesium metal from dolomite. However the magnesium slag is slaked in some factories by...

Authors: Kai Zheng, Sheng Bing Yang, Wen Liang, Christian Rüssel

Abstract: A novel Na2O-K2O-CaO-MgO-SrO-B2O3-P2O5 borophosphate glass is prepared by...

Authors: Jun Feng Zhu, Guang Hua Zhang, Zhuo Miao, Hao Hao

Abstract: Coal-water slurry (CWS)dispersant is a key to prepare fine coal-water slurry. A novel amphoteric polycarboxylic (AmPC) dispersant for CWS...

Authors: Li Hong Zhao, Jian Rong Hu, Bei Hai He

Abstract: Modifications of the interfacial electrical characteristics of kaolin were investigated through reversing particles surface charges induced...

Authors: Li Chuan Jin, Huai Wu Zhang, Xiao Li Tang, Guang Duo Lu, Zhi Yong Zhong

Abstract: The microwave magnetic dynamic properties of the...

Authors: Yan Yue Lu, An Ping Liao

Abstract: In semiconductor factories and electronics factories, a large multi-chiller system is needed to satisfy strict cooling load requirements. In...

Authors: Xiao Hong Shi, Xiang Hong Wang

Abstract: It is well known that there are some similarities among various naturally occurring amino acids. The standard amino acids have been grouped...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Da Zhi Qian, Tie Cheng Lu

Abstract: UMo/Al dispersion fuel is one of the prospective materials as a high uranium density fuel for high performance research reactors due to its...

Authors: Zhao Li Liu, Ya Feng Cao, Xiao Jun Ma, Xiu Dong Liu

Abstract: A technology of self-emulsification coacervation to prepare starch sodium octenyl succinate (SSOS) microcapsules consisting of evening...

Authors: Xin Qian, Mi Zhou, Dong Xu, Shu Jun Xu, Yang Fu Jin

Abstract: The effects of Amide type nucleating agents SX , talc and nucleating agents SX combination with talc on crystallization behavior of poly...


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