Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Jie Wen, Xiao Dong Guo, Ben He Zhong, Heng Liu, Wei Mao Fang, Yan Tang, Hong Tang

Abstract: The LiFePO4 nanoparticles with high crystallinity were prepared using polyol process without any further heating as a post step,...

Authors: Bin Yang, Tao Xu, Ming Zhe Shen

Abstract: For the use of Fuel Cells in transportation, one of the key points is to reduce Pt loading in Pt/C catalytic electrode. In our study, a new...

Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Zheng Hang Lü, Gui Xiang Hou, Rui Ying Bai, Man Man Liu

Abstract: It is in great request to substitute foamed concrete for organic thermal insulating materials that are inflammable and liberate virulent...

Authors: Jie Yu

Abstract: The problem and several restricted factors of agriculture application of sewage sludge are analyzed at home and abroad. Meanwhile, this...

Authors: Sittichai Seangatith, Jaksada Thumrongvut

Abstract: This paper presents the experimental results on the simply supported PFRP channel beams subjected to three-point loading. The objectives of...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Qiang Wan, Yong Jian Tang, Chao Yang Wang

Abstract: The influence of sp2 hybridization on friction and structure of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films was studied by first-principles...

Authors: Shi Sha Zhu, Li Juan Qu, You Hang Zhou

Abstract: The magnetorheological elastomer has a broader potential application due to overcoming the settlement, poor stability, sealing problems and...

Authors: Yong Sheng Ma, Lin Tong Wang, Xian Hui Sun

Abstract: Recycling of waste paper is one of pop topics of pulping and papermaking industry. Deinking technology is the key of recycling of waste...

Authors: Xiao Hong Yao, Guo Xin Xue, Xing Guo

Abstract: A kind of composite filler was prepared by using talc, 85SR softwood pulp and CPAM. The effects of talc-fiber composite fillers...

Authors: Li Ju Zhou, Jia Man Feng, Jin Jie Lei, Jun Wen Yuan

Abstract: Salt slurry is the solid waste of the salt industry. The study object is the salt slurry in Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex. This study...


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