Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Huang, Bing Yu Pan

Abstract: The fiber material generally has higher tensile strength and toughness, which make up for the lack of tensile strength of concrete and the...

Authors: Qin Li, Ke Wei Sun

Abstract: Two groups of buildings residues was studied in the paper as to unconfined compressive strength, soaked unconfined compressive strength,...

Authors: Jie Li

Abstract: C25 self-compacting concrete which meets the requirement of workability and strength grade is maked up by selecting local raw materials,...

Authors: Wei Xia Zhao, Juan Hong Liu, Ping Yang, Xiao Ning Yuan, Min Chen

Abstract: Rapid carbonation test and gas permeability radio method are used to study the durability of lightweight aggregate concrete. The concrete...

Authors: Peng Ping Li, Jian Bo Xiong, Zhi Hong Fan, Sheng Nian Wang

Abstract: The influence of mineral admixtures on chloride threshold value was investigated by EIS method, MIP test and TG test, respectively. The...

Authors: Huang Chin Wang, Sy Yuan Kang, Chao Heng Tseng, Wen Cheng Shau, Zhi Yang Chen

Abstract: Formaldehyde (HCHO) which emitted from building materials, such as plywood and adhesive, is a carcinogenic substance in indoor air. Chitosan...

Authors: Yu Zhi Chen, Wei Hong Xuan, Xiao Hong Chen

Abstract: The method recommended by ACI Committee 544 was used in this paper. Drop hammer impact tests based on mortar specimens with different...

Authors: He Fan, Jun Yu Liu, Bao Kuan Ning

Abstract: Fire-resistance performance experiments with static loading-fire are investigated about one carbon fiber sheet(CFS) shear strengthened and...

Authors: Xiong Wen Zhang, Lei Jiang, Guan Guo Liu

Abstract: Water transport is an important parameter that affects the long term performance and degradation of concrete greatly. Nowadays, adding fly...

Authors: Bing Gao

Abstract: Coupled steel bars have already more than 30 year historical development. But, it was made by HPB235, Plasticity and ductility were very...


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