Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiri Zach, Rudolf Hela, Jitka Hroudová, Martin Sedlmajer

Abstract: The thermal insulating of new and existing buildings is of a key influence in reduction of their energetic demand factor resulting in...

Authors: H. Z. Cui

Abstract: This paper presents studies of prediction of compressive strength of lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC). In order to choose the optimized...

Authors: Ping An Shi

Abstract: With considering the effect of the initial pore water pressure and the variety of seismic pore water pressure generation, a two-dimensional...

Authors: Zeng Li, Xiang Yong Guo, Ding Yan Wu, Yan Hua Zhang

Abstract: In concrete construction, it is usual to encounter integrating problems between old and new concrete interfaces, such as disease concrete’s...

Authors: Ru Qin Wang

Abstract: By the experimental research to the effect sucrose-natural gypsum as composite retarder on the performance of cement and concrete. This...

Authors: Yuan Chen Guo, Xue Wang

Abstract: Material adsorption process is the reverse process of evaporation diffusion, reflecting directly the wetting degree of material, is one of...

Authors: Qin Li, Ke Wei Sun, Qiu Ling Chen

Abstract: Comparson research as to the relationship between building residues solidified by cement and those solidified by soil stabilizer are made ,...

Authors: Ying Wang, Xin Yang Li, Ming Zhang

Abstract: A new concrete filled steel tube (CFT) frame structure was developed by using self-compacting concrete (SCC). Experimental work was done in...

Authors: Dyi Huey Chang, Jung Chung Hung

Abstract: Light and thin bipolar plates are essential in increasing the power density of a fuel cell. To construct high-aspect-ratio micro flow...

Authors: Yu Long Fang, Jia Yun Yin, Zhi Hong Feng

Abstract: The influence of the strain of AlN buffer layers on the strain evolution of GaN epilayers grown on 3-in 6H-SiC substrates by metal-organic...


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