Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Quan Huang, Hao Bo Hou, Min Zhou, Wei Xin Wang

Abstract: Steel slag, fly ash and lime were chosen as pretreatment and grinding materials of fluorgypsum, then the grinding effect and cementitious...

Authors: Abdullrahman A. Al Shamma’a, Khaled E. Addoweesh, Ali Eltamaly

Abstract: Wind energy has been most prevalently utilized to generate electric power due to non pollution to the environment and the conservation of...

Authors: Qing Wei Zhang, She Li Chai, Jing Cai, Li Na Gao

Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine the baseline concentrations of trace elements in grassland topsoils from 155 soil sampling...

Authors: Zheng Rong Sha, Yu Zhou

Abstract: The paper conducts a quantitative study on the accumulative effect of the sedimentation and release of the sediment pollutants in the...

Authors: Yan Chen, Hui Zhi Liu, Ying Xiang, Ting Cheng

Abstract: In order to explore the surface layer wind energy characteristics in Jiangsu coastal area, MM5 model and CALMET model and wind observations...

Authors: Lei Wang, Run Dong Li, Yan Long Li, Li Hong Wei

Abstract: The incorporation of cadmium into clinker during the co-processing of waste with cement kiln was investigated. Cadmium contained reagent was...

Authors: Jie Fu, Bin He, Hui Ling Zhang, Qin Shan Fan

Abstract: In order to assess the performance of the two-dimensional (2D) large eddy simulation (LES) as a computational tool for analyzing separated...

Authors: Jia Guo, Xin Ming Ma, Wei Guo, Lei Xi, Hui Zhang, Yan Na Ren

Abstract: In order to achieve the digital management of null-pollution agricultural products certification and by adopting techniques such as Web...

Authors: Jin Ling Lu, Cheng Xiang Zhang, Shuai Mao

Abstract: This paper studied the scheduling optimization problem of the wind power integrated system. A power system scheduling model was established...

Authors: Bi Gui Wei, Qing Chang, Cai Yun Yan, Guo Zhen Zhang

Abstract: According to the feature of numeral image of electronic balance photographed by CCD, MATLAB, especially its video image toolbox, was used to...


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